You Know You’ve Been at the Show Too Long When…

October 2009

Attending a fair or festival as a vendor is a unique experience and one that certainly helps to reinforce the fact that small businesses are the backbone of the nation. However, staying at the fair for too long can certainly induce some traumatic, though amusing, side effects. How do you know if you’ve stayed too long at that fair or festival? Here are some of the top ways to determine if you’ve overstayed at the fair!


You’re on a first name basis with almost every vendor at the festival.


The grass under your trailer has died, withered away and turned to dust.


You start repainting your booth while still at the fair.


You recognize repeat visitors on sight and they can call you by name.


Your children start asking when they can go back to school.


You have to reorder supplies and you list your booth number, as well as providing directions to the fair venue on the order form.


You and the fair organizer compare notes about revenue and other financial matters on a fair-wide basis.


Vendors begin to use your booth as a landmark when giving directions to lost visitors.


You begin working on next year’s items so that you can sell them now.


You invest in a spare set of crafting equipment, so that you can keep up with demand at the show.


You begin replacing lights in your displays because they’ve burnt out, but were bought new just for the fair.


The nighttime security guard has to usher you out the gate, despite your protests that you need, “just one more sale.”


You begin to see the value in putting in a permanent foundation for your booth.


You begin to realize that indoor plumbing and air conditioning would be a wise investment for your stall.


OMG—This is soo true.  I need to get myself one of those umbrella hats.

By Carrie on October 22, 2009

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