I can't remember my password.

Please go to http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/members/forgot_password/. We will send you your username and password to the email address on file.

I'm using the correct login and password and still can't login.

Please contact us a tech support at http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/ffn/contact/ for help. Please let us know specifically the issues you're encountering and include your email address, a telephone number where you can be reached and identify the type of browser you are using.

How do I renew my membership?

After logging in, click on my account and renew subscription.

How do I add and event to your site?

You can add events free on our site, but you do need a free event owner's account to do so. Please go to https://www.fairsandfestivals.net/members/sign-up-owners to sign up for your free account.

I am the owner of an event. How do I change the information you have listed?

You need an event owner's account to claim ownership of an event. See question above to sign up for an event owner's account. Once you have an account go to the event page and click on 'owner'. We will confirm you are the owner and then assign the event to you for editing capability. You can also contact us at http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/ffn/contact/ for help.

I am a paying member, but have encountered some events with few details. Why?

We do our best to events are promptly added, updated and verified. With more than 100,000 events taking place in the US every year we rely on the the event owners and promoters to help us keep their data current. Sometimes smaller events don't have a lot of information until just a few months before the event because the details are still being worked out. Sometimes events are canceled due to economic or other situations. In every listing you will find either a website, phone number or email of the the event contact. We always recommend you contact the event owner/promoter directly to confirm all event details as well as gather any additional information you need.

How do I cancel membership?

You can also contact us at http://www.fairsandfestivals.net/ffn/contact/ to request a cancellation. Please include your email address and user name.