You Know You’re A Crafter When:

August 2009

  • You get a manicure and then, cover it in indigo ink.
  • You complain that cards are $4.99 and then go home to make one with $9 in supplies.
  • You have more paint than cereal in the cupboard.
  • Your son is forced to do his math homework on scrap booking paper becuase you don't have the wide ruled type, it's simply too common.
  • Your daughter can fold complex origami figures, but can't fold the laundry.
  • You have decorative towels that people (including your father-in-law) can not wipe their hands on.
  • Micheal's and Hobby Lobby's entire staff greets you with "Hello Mrs. ***" , and you no longer "need" the coupon.
  • AC Moore offers to deliver your weekly order.
  • The pizza place is on speed dial (who has time to cook?)
  • Your children have more scrap books per annum than most people have pictures.
  • Your mom calls and says, "Wat are you making now?" instead of, "How are you and the children?"

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