What Are the Yummiest Fall Festival Foods?

October 2009

Fall is in the air, school is back in session and you’re gearing up for those fall festivals. Whether you are a crafter or just love the experience of attending these festivals, browsing stalls and enjoying the cool fall weather, this is a wonderful time of year. You get to enjoy great company, fun and games and experience some of the yummiest fall festival foods. In fact, for many people, it’s the food that makes the festival, in some ways. What are the most popular fall festival foods?

Funnel Cakes – Can you imagine a fall festival without funnel cakes? The aroma of baking cake batter fills the air, along with the sounds of happy laughter. These golden, delicious delights are covered in powdered sugar, though you’ll find other derivations that combine creative toppings like apples and cinnamon, caramel and more. Funnel cakes certainly rank up there with the yummiest fall festival foods ever!

Candied Apples – A staple at fall festivals across the country, candied apples are some of the most delicious, delightful “fair fare” out there! You’ll find hundreds of different varieties, including caramel apples, apples slathered in butter, cinnamon and even those coated in melted candy.

Fried Candy Bars – What would your fall festival be without deep fried candy bars? In recent years, deep frying has seen some rather unlikely candidates, as it seems that anything with chocolate in the mix is eligible for battering and frying. However, how can you argue with something that tastes so good? These are among the yummiest fall festival foods in the world, though you might have to enjoy them with a bit of guilt.

Deep Fried Pickles – These are relatively recent developments that combine dill pickles, batter and a deep fryer. Usually, you’ll find these pickles accompanied by a saucer of ranch dressing to round things out. As bizarre as they might sound, these are actually amazingly good and should be tried before you turn your nose up at them.

Other items that certainly rank in the category of yummiest fall festival foods include apple pies (and all the various derivatives like fritters, pastries and more), as well as pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, kettle corn, popcorn balls and more.

The vast plethora of different foods out there means that whether you’re a cook or a diner, you have an amazing range of palate-satisfying options!


I heard that funnel cakes outsold all other festival foods 4-1.  Does anyone here have any more information on starting a funnel cake biz?

By FunnelCakeBiz? on October 2, 2009

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