Top Selling Crafts for 2006 Craft Shows

March 2009

Here's my top 5 crafts that you can produce (no particular order):

1.) Artificial flower and plant arrangements � Let's face it, not everyone has a green thumb. Still, there are many people out there who appreciate the beauty of a good floral arrangement or a nicely made plant. You can find a wide variety of supplies at your local craft store for artificial plants and flowers � and at a great price.

2.) Seasonal items � Whether you are sewing stockings, or carving pumpkins, people love to buy crafts for seasonal items. Crafts always seem to have a little more sentimental value and they provide a certain �hominess' to a room � instead of the garden variety decorations you can find at any store.

3.) Toys � While this might be bordering on labor intensive, craft-buyers flock to simple and inexpensive toys that are made by hand. In most cases, the toys that have been put together with the care and attention from a crafter will last longer and stand up to the punishment from a child. Good wooden toys are hard to come by � so if you have a knack for woodwork, you could make a bundle.

4.) Scrapbooking items � Maybe you have come up with a nice page design for scrapbookers, or it could be a tool you have engineered to make your scrapbooking go a lot smoother. You might have even designed and made an entire scrapbook for special occasions or other events. The bottom line is people love scrapbooking, and if you can come up with a few craft ideas that cater to these people, then you could hit the jackpot.

5.) Craft packs � What better way to sell crafts than to help people make them. While this might not fit the garden variety �craft' as it is traditionally intended, many people have found success putting together art and craft packs for kids. If you let your imagination run wild and include a variety of tools, pictures and craft ideas to keep kids occupied for hours, moms will be thanking you for providing them with a little bit of playtime motivation.

This just scrapes the surface of some of the more popular items that are selling at craft shows today. In order to stay on top of the craft show market, it is always a good idea to take a look at a few craft magazines and do a little bit of research to help you get ahead!

About the author:

Natalie Goyette shows you how to make your craft show business profitable in her best selling ebook: Craft Show Success Secrets. Visit her site:

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