Tips for Getting Art Safely to Art Shows and Craft Festivals

November 2010
Transport your art to Craft Shows Fairs and Festivals

One of the most nerve wracking parts of setting up for a craft fair or art show is just getting your handmade art to the show. You've worked hard on your paintings and sculptures, and you need them to arrive in perfect condition. Here are some tips to help you safely transport your art to the show.

For paintings, it can be a good idea to make a frame out of lattice board. You can basically build a frame that goes around the edges of the painting to protect the corners and the canvas. Over the front of the frame, stretch clear plastic tightly across to protect the painting from dust and scratches. Then, use foam board on both sides of the painting to protect it even further. You can stack multiple paintings face to face with foam board in between and on either side of each set.

Sculptures and pottery need to be boxed up to be transported safely. You'll want to pack them using packing material or even crumbled up newspaper. Make sure they're packed up nice and tightly in sturdy boxes. You shouldn't be able to move them around by shaking the box gently. If necessary, you can mark on the box which direction is up so that it doesn't get upended during transport. The best idea, though, is to pack the box so that your sculptures or pottery are safe no matter which way the box is turned during the packing and transportation process.

More unique pieces of artwork will take more unique packing process for safe transportation. You may need to wrap larger pieces in bubble wrap or buy specially sized boxes for oddly shaped artwork. One good option is to ask professional movers how they would move your artwork. A good moving company has all sorts of strategies to keep fragile items safe, and you can probably get some good advice from a company like this.

Finally, when you actually pack your boxes into a moving van or car, make sure they're packed in tightly. You may even need to add some extra items into the packed vehicle so that the boxes and frames that are already packed in don't have room to move around. This will ensure that if you take a hard turn or have to slam on your brakes, your pieces aren't going to move around too much.

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