Tips For Buying Crafts Supplies

March 2013

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As someone who is currently generating income from crafts or intending to create a business making crafts, you should have a firm budget in hand. This budget is going to show you the actual, total, costs associated with each item sold. It must take into account the cost of the supplies, the cost to market the goods (this can include the fees associated with a show but also with things like a website or blog), the costs associated with traveling and registering for shows, and more.

While many of the costs cannot be controlled to a great degree (after all, registration and travel fees are not really negotiable), you can control the costs of crafts supplies. This is something that you must take seriously because it can greatly affect the level of your business' success.

Below are some tips for buying crafts supplies, saving some time and money doing so, and still getting the best quality possible:

Know the accepted price - Take time to work out the cost of supplies for each item you make. Even if you know you spend a few dollars making each of your goods, you can save money, earn higher income, and generally ensure top quality goods when you know how much you should be paying for each item used. As an example: you make earrings and each pair requires the actual posts, the beads, the wire, and any other items. How much does it cost to make each earring? Can you do better? How does that impact quality and total cost? Knowing these things can help you make better buying decisions.

Don't avoid retail establishments - There are many "chain" craft stores and you can often find inspiration and good deals on essential supplies by making a point of visiting or monitoring sales in such places. For example, you can register online with most of the big suppliers and receive news of their daily and weekly sales. This can help you keep track of your supplies and see if anything falls below your accepted price.

Go online - Using the Internet to comparison shop is certainly one great way to buy your supplies. Keep in mind, however, that one vendor may sell things at what seems to be a bargain basement price, but which may not be such a good deal when shipping, handling, taxes, and any other fees are added in.

Network - If you are heading to craft shows and sails, you should be speaking with other crafters and artisans and finding out how they acquire their supplies.

Use these tips and you will get the best supplies at the best prices.


i need to buy sock by bulk cheap…lollipops sticks and wrappers…tin cupcake pans…ribbon…small cellophane clear bags…

By lola on September 30, 2013

I am looking for places to purchase bugle beads 30 mm ( at least 1 1/4 ” ). These are the long glass tubular beads… any suggestions ? Thanks!

By Chris terrell on October 29, 2013

Iam looking to purchase inexpensive (coat & cup hooks.

By Cathy on December 12, 2015

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