Three Tips for Organizing a Successful Craft Show in Colorado

March 2009

Organizing a successful craft show in Colorado requires a lot of time, patience and good skills. You will have to use good marketing skills to attract good vendors and a lot of customers to create a successful event along with finding a venue, creating a floor plan, developing rules, collecting money and getting things set up. Today we will focus on attracting vendors and customers to your craft show in Colorado because without those two groups of people you won't have a craft show in the first place.

There are three tips that will help you attract the right crafters and customers to your craft show:

  1. Identify your audience: you will have two separate and distinct groups to advertise to and two entirely different advertising campaigns that you will need to understand in order to attract the right people to your craft show in Colorado. Understanding your audience will better enable you to attract the right crafters and the right crowd. Some things to consider include whether you should market in both English and Spanish if your show is in an area that is heavily Hispanic.
  2. Narrow your marketing campaign: once you figure out who your audience should be for your craft show in Colorado you may begin running ads. You may want to consider running an ad in a crafting trade journal for a larger show if you want to attract out-of-town vendors or stick to the local paper, flyers at local businesses, and taking out a classified ad, for a local craft show.
  3. Location and date: Scheduling your craft show at the right location and on the right date will also have a major impact on your craft show being a success. You should choose a venue that will be convenient for your crafters and customers. You also want to be careful not to plan your craft show on dates that may conflict with other events your customers would be drawn to like a big Broncos or Rockets game, depending on the season.

You want the craft show you organize in Colorado to be successful. The three tips you read here can help you attract the right crafters and customers and then you can focus on the other nine-hundred and ninety-nine things that need to be done before the big day.

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