The Top Five Secrets to Building a Craft Clientele in Mississippi

March 2009

The people in Mississippi are strong and resilient and extremely dedicated. They have proved this during these past few years as they have banded together to rebuild this beautiful state. Understanding how devoted the people of Mississippi can be provides insight into why building a clientele for your crafting business is vital to your success as a crafter in Mississippi.

There are five secrets to building a craft clientele in Mississippi that will help you grow your crafting business:

  1. Use a raffle or drawing at major events to get the contact information of as many people as possible at each event. Be sure your raffle slip includes the name, mailing address, phone number and email address of each person. Ask for their permission to send an email about special offers you may have as this is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to communicate with a large group of customers.
  2. Be sure that every buying customer signs your "guest book" with their contact information (see above) so you can send them a thank-you and alert them to new crafts and special sales.
  3. ASK FOR REFERRALS. This is an important area that many crafters miss out on. Don't be afraid of asking your customers whether they know others who might love your crafts as much as they do. You will be surprised how many sales you will make this way.
  4. Follow-up. You asked for your customers' information—now use it! You should always call, email or send a note to thank them for their purchase. Make sure you include your contact information so that they can call you in future when they need another craft item.
  5. Pass your business card out to everyone you meet. You have to make sure that people have a way to contact you when they want something. There are always those customers who didn't have any money on them or decided they wanted two or three more items after they got home—don't miss the opportunity to make more sales after the show and into the future.

Many people in Mississippi are still receiving new funds towards rebuilding their homes and that will include purchasing new décor items which provides a lot of potential for your business. A good clientele in Mississippi can significantly increase your income or even sustain your business.

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