The “Buy Local” Trend Increases Craft Sales in Connecticut

March 2009

More and more people in Connecticut are realizing the importance of sustaining a local economy by buying locally made things. They are beginning to understand that not buying locally made products such as hand-made Connecticut crafts and other goods from locally owned businesses is detrimental to the interest of the entire community. Buying local things can mean buying locally grown produce, buying made-in-Connecticut arts, crafts and clothing, or buying from locally owned stores and shops. Each of these local options helps keep more money in the state of Connecticut and in the local community, for the people to use.

People are also beginning to realize that 90% of the things at the big chain stores are shipped over from China and quickly lose their shiny new appearance. The adage "you get what you pay for" is starting to resonate and people are becoming more willing to seek out high-quality hand-made crafts from local Connecticut crafters. Of course, they are also looking to buy as much local produce as possible and will try to buy a book from the local bookstore rather than buying one from the big chain store or It all makes a sure difference in the end.

So, what can you do as a crafter in Connecticut? You should also make a point of buying local. This will serve you well in many ways because you will be helping to support the local economy and making useful contacts for your business as well. Be sure to exchange business cards with other Connecticut business owners and referrals as well. As people return to the old values and ways of doing business they will realize that paying a few cents more to buy local pays them back in the long run both financially and in terms of the relationships that are created.

Connecticut has more local industries than any other state and the unemployment rate is slightly better than the national average; so, there is still plenty of opportunity for your craft business in Connecticut to make more money in 2009. You will want to capitalize on the "buy local" trend by making sure to include a "Made in Connecticut" tag on all your items and advertising your business as much as possible in the local community. Put up flyers at local businesses about the Connecticut craft fairs you will be attending this year. Be sure to make as many contacts as you can in your own neighborhood as well as at craft shows and fairs in Connecticut and you will be sure to increase your profits this year.

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