Rhode Island Craft Show Forecast 2009

March 2009

With the economy in a poor condition and Rhode Island suffering from the second worst unemployment rate in the country, many people are concerned about what 2009 will bring for craft shows in Rhode Island. There will be a number of craft shows throughout the ocean state in 2009 and for the most part they are projected to be well planned, well-attended and highly creative events.

There seem to be much to be hopeful about at craft fairs in Rhode Island this year. For one thing, more people are looking for "free" forms of entertainment and craft shows that fit the bill. Historically, people are more than willing to buy hand-made items that help them take their minds off from their problems during tough economic times. This is good news for crafters trying to make a living from their crafting business.

The good news for promoters is that more people are looking towards crafting businesses as a source of income because of lay-offs or plant closings in the state. Those who plan carefully and stay on top of trends should be able to make a profit at craft shows in Rhode Island in 2009. Now what are customers looking for at this year's events? Look towards promoting "green" crafts. Things made from recycled materials or natural renewable resources are your best bet.

Another thing that will steal the show at Rhode Island craft shows in 2009 is crafts that help people feel happy. This can be anything from hand-made chocolates to fuzzy pillows to custom-made bath salts scented with natural oils. People will be looking for inexpensive or moderately priced items that help them forget about the economic problems and help them feel good instead. This is no reason to sell your crafts at sub-standard prices, of course. Just be sure to offer a good value for the money on quality products that make people feel good and if you manage to do exactly that, you should be able to do well despite the serious economic downturn in Rhode Island.

To sum up, the forecast for Rhode Island craft show for 2009 is optimistic. By focusing on green crafts and "feel good" items, crafters in the Ocean state can positively look forward to good profits in the coming year and promoters can be hopeful about fully booked events.


The festivals that I’ve done henna tattoos at in Rhode Island during the recession have still all been excellent!

By Henna By Heather on February 10, 2011

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