Profitable Craft Items to sell in Fall 2009

October 2009

As a crafter, it is absolutely essential that you know what is selling in the current market. What are the most profitable crafts items for fall 2009? How do you determine what these items are, how much they will be worth to you and whether or not you should invest in crafting them?

Actually, most crafters will find that the most profitable items for this fall are quite similar to those earlier this year and even last year. While the federal government keeps citing a turnaround in the current ongoing economic crunch, it’s expected to take quite some time for that effect to trickle down to the “little people,” those who are actually affected by the recession. Therefore, consumers are still looking to buy local and they’re looking for crafts items that will stand the test of time, offer value, style and even environmental benefits.

What are some examples of this? Take handmade pottery for example – consumers love it! If you are a potter, then you are golden this year. Of course, handmade pottery, in the form of mugs, steins, plates, bowls and more, is almost always popular, but this year seems prime for profitability, particularly with decorative items that can actually be used.

Other profitable crafts items for fall 2009 include handmade bags, purses and other basic necessities, even backpacks. Why is this? Consumers are going back to the basics and they’re more willing to spend their hard-earned cash with local crafters like you than they are to give that money to greedy, money-grubbing mega-corporations that are partially responsible for the economic mess in the first place.

If you are an artist, dealing in paintings or digital arts, you’ll have a good year, but don’t expect to sell a ton of original works. You should invest in prints, giclees and other reproductions, as consumers are more than happy to buy quality art, but most don’t have the money for those large art purchases, as they are not necessities.

Of course, you will find that some of the best crafts items for fall 2009 are not reusable products or even artworks. Food will be the big winner this fall, as consumers try to find a way to forget about the bleak economy. Fall fair food is one of the best ways to do this – who can feel bad when dining happily on a glorious funnel cake or enjoying a fried candy bar?


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