Price Tags or No Price Tags – Which Is the Better Option?

October 2012

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People who are new to the world of arts and crafts shows often have a number of questions as to how to approach the experience. One of the most burning of these tends to be in regards to whether or not to put price tags on their work.

Some artists worry that price tags will cut down on desirable elements of the art show experience, such as customer interaction. Others worry that pricing out their items looks tacky and seems presumptuous. However, more and more experts are advising artists to clearly price their work. Let’s take a closer look at why.

Customers Like Clarity

Most visitors to craft shows say they far prefer it when items for sale are clearly marked as such with the artist’s asking price. This way, they know right off the bat how much of an investment they’re looking at and even most artists agree that this is what they’d prefer if they were in consumer mode. Also, if you don’t price your items, some of your customers may assume your things are for show only.

Cuts Down On Unnecessary Questions

If your items aren’t clearly marked for sale, then your time will be taken up with a lot of repetitive customer questions that could easily have been answered by a price tag. You might not be able to give the personal attention that you’d hope to each and every person. This could lead to lost sales if people wind up leaving because you’re not available to answer their questions.

More Comfortable Experience for Quiet Customers

You will always have some customers who just aren’t talkers and would probably choose not to buy at all if it means approaching the artist to ask about pricing. You will also have others who are self-conscious about how to react if a given piece is out of their price range, possibly leading to their deciding not to speak up. Pricing items clearly helps ensure that every customer is comfortable with their shopping experience. You’ll make more sales as a result, too.

The thing is, if customers want to engage you, they always will. However, fixing it so they don’t have to ask about prices allows you to maybe spend time discussing other elements of your work instead. It actually makes for a better experience overall, not only for your customer, but you as well.


I prefer to price my items.  This cuts down the questions and allows the customer to choose at ease.

By Malika Crichlow on October 25, 2012

I price things. Not everybody is looking for conversation when they are strolling through an art/craft show. It doesn’t hinder the talkative ones to strike up a conversation. It’s a win/win.

By Misty on October 25, 2012

I always price my items and then I have a stand with an 8 1/ z 11” paper stating the price right next to what I am selling.  Overkill maybe but my customers always know what the price is and seem to appreciate it.  Use the tasteful white labels instead of mullti-colored ones. This makes your items look much more like a craft show and not like a yard sale.

By Mary Rister on October 26, 2012

I have a question when you price do you write $5.00 or $5 or just 5

By Liss on October 30, 2012

I do not price my product because people need to understand the value of the product before they will pay the money that the product is worth.  If you have inexpensive product that is less expensive that what a consumer would find at the store then show your price because that is what you are selling.  If you have a higher end product then don’t show your price because if a buyer is somewhat interested it will give you a chance to explain the value.

By Daren on October 31, 2012

Question:  I do displays that contains several pieces as a group.  The group may be for sale or I suppose I could sale individually, but prefer to sale as a whole.  How do I price?

By rchodges on April 4, 2018

What work best for me is using my business card and pricing the back of the card,Thank you

By Glory Daze tie Dyes on January 28, 2020

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