Preparing Your Craft Business for Maximum Profits in Nevada

March 2009

How does a crafter make more profit when the economy is suffering? Is that even possible? It is definitely possible to make more profits with your craft business this year, even in Nevada where unemployment rates are at their highest level since the recession of the 80's and the 7th highest in the country. The good news for crafters in Nevada this year is that tourism is expected to experience some growth this year. Out-of-towners provide a great market for your crafting items and they are expected to keep the major craft shows in Nevada busy this year.

There are two keys to increasing your profits for your crafting business in Nevada this year. The first is to find ways to save money and decrease your expenses on making your crafts. You can do this by looking for bargains, buying in bulk, and making fewer trips to the store to save fuel. Also, consider finding ways to streamline your craft production because the amount of time that goes into each item affects your total cost and reducing the cost of each item will increase your profit margin.

The second key to increasing your profits at craft shows in Nevada this year is to sell more items. One way to do this is by properly displaying your creations at craft shows, fairs and festivals. The type of craft you are selling and the price point you are selling at will both determine, to some degree, how you should display your crafts. Your display will quickly make an impression on passersby and they will decide whether or not to take a closer look based on the way your crafts are displayed. Inexpensive items should be displayed with a "discount" look and more expensive items should have a more elegant display so that you will attract the customers most likely to buy your crafts.

Creating a "discount" look for your display is simple. You will want to use a plain table cloth if you are selling in a craft fair or church bazaar with tables, or just leave your booth clean and plain for booth sales. Your sign should be simple, yet professional. You will want to place your crafts neatly in rows that are as fully packed as possible. You want the display to appear crowded, but not sloppy. You want to send the message that this item is inexpensive, not trashy.

An elegant display requires a fancier table cloth. Maybe something with lace or metallic—it should really contrast well with your craft items for maximum impact. You will want to showcase fewer pieces on your table and you should use boxes or risers under the table cloth to add variety and to accentuate your presentation. The way you display you crafts at craft shows and festivals will have a huge impact on the type of customer you attract to your table and that will affect how much money you will make. Even though the economy may go through a tough period before picking up again, your business doesn't have to suffer. Using these tips is the best way to ensure your success and to maximize your craft show profits in Nevada this year.


I’m trying to get into the fairs here in Las Vegas ....I’m on my own and make fun jewelry

I need al the help I can get

By Yvonne Larson on April 7, 2016

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