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Music vendor (how to become a music vendor at fairs, festivals, bazaars etc.)

Showcase Your Talent Become A Music Vendor

If you want a way to get more local exposure, sell your CD’s or other paraphernalia, or just get a chance to play in front of an audience then consider becoming a music vendor at a festival, bazaar, fair, or flea market. This will give you the opportunity to perform and gain more exposure, while possibly selling your work to a receptive audience.

Give Your Music Exposure

If you would like the opportunity to sell your CD and any other products, than you can apply to be a music vendor in a similar way as other craft vendors. There are usually spots for people to play their music on a smaller scale and allow people to listen to samples of their work or perhaps even other sorts of live music or CD’s. This is more along the lines of vending a product and you can submit a normal type of application. You should also make sure that you get your application in pretty early for this type of music vendor position. There may be a limited number of spaces for people selling their own music in this sort of non-performance setting. You may need to send in a sample CD or photo of your booth for this type of music vendor spot. It will depend on the compositeness of the festival. Since you will be set up in a booth for this type of music vending, you usually cannot play your music live. This should be something you take into consideration when you are trying to decide what kind of music vendor you want to be.

So You Want To Show Them What You’ve Got

If you want to give a live performance at a fair or festival than a lot of it will depend on what kind of performer you are and how competitive the festival is. If you are looking to book a local seasonal festival then you’ll need to contact the festival and find out what kind of application process they have. Usually you’ll need to send in a press kit or an album to the organizers. You may also be able to submit things electronically, as well. Getting to know the festival and seeing who they are trying to target with their music vendors is important. If you have a Jimmy Buffet cover band than you might not want to apply to play at Goth craft show. Learn about the market and demographic before you apply to perform.

Another option is for DJ’s, if you are a DJ and work alone or for a company than you might apply to DJ a festival. Many times they need DJ’s in various areas of the festival playing music. This could be a great opportunity to expand your DJ business when you become a music vendor.

Music Festivals

Another great way to become a music vendor is to apply to play at a specific music festival. There are music festivals that cover a wide array of music genres. You can find reggae festivals, folk music festivals, classic music, and almost any other variety of music. This will allow you to become a music vendor or performer at a festival that has the exact audience that you are catering to. You’ll need to apply early to this type of festival as well and be prepared with a press kit and a CD. Depending on the kind of festival it is the application process will vary. You can submit to several different festivals and see what comes of it. You should prepare yourself for rejection, but the more applications you send out the better your chances. Becoming a music vendor is much like anything else, the longer you stick with it and the more you do it the easier it will become.

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