New Trends for Art and Craft Shows in 2015

March 2015

Artists all over the country rely on arts and crafts shows to promote their brand and sell their products. Many artists depend on these events for their livelihood, and many do very, very well. Arts and crafts shows are rampant all over the country, all year round. 

There are indoor and outdoor shows, as well as themed and season shows. Although running a successful craft business takes a lot of time and dedication, it can be very rewarding in terms of both money and personal satisfaction.

In 2015, new trends are coming in, many different from the past years. Artists can take into consideration what’s going to be hot this year and prepare their crafts and designs. That is not to say that artists shouldn’t get creative and run with their own ideas, but by adjusting a bit to what people want, artists are sure to make more sales and to encourage event visitors to do some word of mouth advertising for them.

What’s Trending in 2015?

If you’re an artist preparing for this year’s arts and crafts shows and festivals, check out what’s new and hot this year:

Foxes and owls: Owls have been very popular in recent years. Some people are obsessed with them and will buy anything with an own on it, be it a t-shirt, necklace, decorative plate, or a pair of socks. This year, foxes are also a huge trend, so don’t be surprised if your fox items are gone before you can put them on the table. 

Vintage designs: People are looking for all things vintage, especially things with flowery designs and lace. Visit any of the most popular clothing stores today, and you’ll notice that flowers are super in. You will see a lot of vintage items during the spring season’s arts and craft shows. 

Recycled items: As environmental concerns grow, people are digging the recycling trend more and more. Artists can get really creative with recycled materials. Items that would end in the land fills can be used to create all kinds of media and accessories. 

For example, you will see little purses made out of folded bags of chips or belts decorated with bottle tops. You can also see repurposed wood pallets turned into outdoor furniture, or an old tire decorated with rope to become a beautiful coffee table. The possibilities are really endless for artists of all arenas to create awesome pieces from scraps.

Calligraphy: In the era of the Internet and technology advancements, handwriting is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, old school calligraphy items are making a comeback and are here to stay. Typographic art is all the rage at arts and craft shows this year. Whether it’s a t-shirt with a “handwritten” message or a beautiful typo wallpaper, calligraphy art is coming in all shapes and forms and is very popular among people of all ages. 

Patterns: Patterned fabrics and papers with simple designs like Chevrons, Scallops, Herringbone, etc., are also very popular in 2015. These patterns are simple yet eye-catching without being overwhelming. While classic patterns are prevalent this year, you’ll also see more edgy and modern patterns like those with geometric designs at arts and crafts shows.

Strings: You will see many booths and show tables with string art, especially from those artists who specialize in home décor items. 

Wood: From wall art to furniture, wood is a common material in many crafts at the art shows this year. You will see lots of wall art, furniture, jewelry, and other items made out of wood when you visit these events.

Daily planners: While many people use their smartphones to organize their daily lives, many others still prefer old school pen and paper to write down their to-do lists. In 2015, handmade or hand-decorated daily planners are going to be huge. These crafty options will surely encourage people to stay organized while being inspired at the same time. 

Mason jars: These all-purpose jars have been popular for a few years now and are not going anywhere. People just love how versatile mason jars are, and many even collect them. You can turn a mason jar into a flower vase, make-up brush storage, and so much more. Every room in the house can have a use for a mason jar, not to mention the kitchen. There’s nothing like serving your favorite ice cold drink in a mason jar. Artists can get real creative with this multipurpose item and create endless possibilities that people are sure to love.

Most Popular Arts and Craft Shows Categories

Some of the most popular booths at arts and craft shows are within one of these categories:

- Books/Paper

- Clay

- Fiber/Textile

- Furniture

- Glass

- Jewelry

- Leather

- Metal

- Painting

- Printmaking

- Wood

Other Trends That Are Worth Mentioning

In 2015, you will also notice that, as far as color trends, earth tones are going to be in. The neon colors that were in in the past years are now out, and more calming tones are taking over. You’ll also see pom poms used in many items such as scarves, shirts, garlands, etc. As far as metals, gold is all the rage this year.

People are also very much loving personalized items, be it a coffee mug with his or her name on it, a purse with figurine prints of each member of the family – including Dexter the dog -- or a shirt with a personalized message. Personalization is a huge trend this year, and personalized items make for a great gift idea. 

Preparing for the Show

This article gave you an idea of what’s hot in 2015. People love arts and crafts shows, not only to admire the work of the artists or to find that special home décor item they’ve been looking for, but also to support local talent. As an artist, take into consideration this year’s arts and crafts trends and get creative! Use your talents to come up with exciting items that people will love, and your booth is sure to be a huge success. 


I found this article informative.  I make handmade leather items.  I seem to be off to the right start, I already make leather planner covers, I also custom fit belts and customize dog collars and belts free.

By Jan Stewart on March 18, 2015

I found this very interesting in what the trend is going to be. itll be helpful in deciding what to bring and my product is wood based

By TAMMY on March 18, 2015

I put gift baskets together.  What venues can I search to go to sell them?

By Michelle on March 18, 2015

I enjoyed reading this article very much. My craft is floral designs with wreaths, baskets and metal containers. While I was reading the wheels were turning. You gave me so many ideas to use. Thank you.

By !aryann Smith on March 19, 2015

I’m glad to part of this vibrant art community. I’m a impressionist painter.

By Levi11 on April 8, 2015

So much good advice here! I make plushies and I’m super excited to vendor this spring.

By Siamchuchu on April 12, 2015

So many good ideas! Personalized? What could be more personalized than a book autographed by the author, for the buyer or a friend? Can’t wait to get started! Elaine Masters

By on April 30, 2015

Great ides. I make totebags, medical id and regular bracelets. will incorporate erath tones into my productb

By linda in RI on July 7, 2015

I am just getting crafter fair I do ceramic I got a lot of great ideas. I am hoping to do my first one Oct 17.

By Ernest Aubin on September 10, 2015

I have a knitted afghan to enter into the craft competition. When can I drop it off?

By Chris Pianka on September 13, 2015

My daughters school is having its first carnival. The date is
October 24, 2015 in Miramar Fl.  looking for interested craft vendors for the event.

By susan on September 23, 2015

looking for different type vendors for my craft fair on Dec. 5, 2015 in Manchester NH

Like what laryann smith has.. anyway to find out where she is from??

Or have her call me 603-361-3992

I don’t have anyone in her catagory, so this would be great

thank you

By jan case on October 3, 2015

This is a Great article! Sometimes you will be looking for trends are have to read several before it hits you. Make handmade beaded jewelry with REAL GEMSTONES, when I can find them, Vintage beads, ,NO PLASTICS! Anyone have any suggestions as to where 6 might find some VINTAGE?
Thanks for your help in advance,

By Kathie Ward on November 13, 2015

By on November 14, 2015

Are hand-crafted organic, botanical skin creams popular at the A&C Shows? I have a great product I would like to sell.

By Linda on November 16, 2015

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