Marketing your Arts and Crafts in Missouri

March 2009

No matter how beautiful the arts and crafts you create may be, they will not make you any money until you learn the art of marketing your arts and crafts in Missouri. If you continue to create arts and crafts without marketing them you will need a lot of storage space! There are many ways to sell your arts and crafts in Missouri: • Craft Shows—these usually require you to pay booth rental and to set up a display of your products. The people coming to these shows are there to buy arts and crafts and so you have a targeted audience that is looking for what you have to offer. • Online classified ads—these generally allow you to include a photo of your arts and crafts, a description and your contact information. There are paid and free classified ads available online and some even allow you to target your local market in Missouri. • Church Bazaars—these are much like the craft shows, but usually on a smaller scale. They generally cost you less and you will probably be displaying your crafts on a folding table rather than in a booth: so you will have to work a little harder to make an attractive display. • Online Auction Sites—sites such as eBay also allow you to include a photo, but generally charge a fee either based on a percentage of your sales or a monthly membership to join. • Your own website—this requires setting up a website with a shopping cart feature and including photos and descriptions of all the products you have for sale. You will also need to work on internet marketing in order to get your site a high search engine ranking that will drive potential customers to your site. If you are looking to make a little extra money once in a while, you may be satisfied to simply market your arts and crafts a couple of times per year at the major craft shows in Missouri. However, if you want to turn your passion for creating things of beauty into a regular source of income, you will want to use a variety of marketing methods that will allow you to sell your goods all year long. Be sure that your displays and/or photographs are as artistic as your crafts and that your descriptions are well written, impressive, and free from typos and use proper grammar. There will always be some trial and error, but once you get the basics, marketing your arts and crafts in Missouri will be an easy and pleasant experience.

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