Making the Decision on Whether or Not to Participate in a Craft Show

February 2014

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Arts and crafts shows are like snowflakes; they’re all completely different from one another. There are shows that are small and locally operated and then there are festivals that can boggle the mind with the amount of vendors attending. You may find yourself trying to figure out which ones to attend and which ones to sit out this year and there are some signs to look for in each.

A good indicator on potential success is stats from previous festivals. If there was a poor turnout in past years at a particular event, you can pretty much bet on the fact that this year would be no different. If an arts and crafts show hasn’t had proper advertising or promotion in the past and you haven’t heard much about it this year either, it might be a good idea to sit this one out.

Although bigger cities undoubtedly mean bigger turnout, this doesn’t mean you should automatically attend. Look at the surrounding area and check out the artistic area of the city to see if the merchandise you have to sell is a good match. You wouldn’t want to show up to an art festival in the middle of cowboy country with your modern metal sculptures of the nude form. It would be likely that you might not receive the warmest welcome in that situation.

Another thing you should consider in terms of location is the distance from your hometown. If the amounts of your travel expenses exceed what you would expect to make in sales, then it would be a good idea to pass up attending one out of your travel range. Even a great sales day could result in a loss of profit if you spend too much on your travel costs.

When you see a festival or arts and crafts show that looks promising, take the time to research it more. If they have had good reviews from vendors in the past, are in an area that would expect a sizeable crowd that would appreciate the arts and crafts you have to display, and they aren’t too far away from you, then by all means, GO! You are in this industry to make money and show the world your view on artistic expression. If you put as much effort into finding the right venue as you do your products, then the only result you should expect is a positive one.


I am an artist looking to rent a space can you email me what is available and the prices.

Timothy Wilkie

By timwilkie09 on February 25, 2014

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