July 4th Celebrations!

March 2009

This year's craft show buzz surrounding July 4th has been the most optimistic in recent years. Never has American arts and crafts sentiment been stronger in the United States and this year is reason to celebrate. According to a study by the Craft and Hobby Association, spending at fairs and festivals has risen 10% over last year and has been one of the brighter industry in recent times, contribution to over $30 billion to the US economy. Conventional thinking might infer that the US economy, espeically oil prices, would reduce the amount of craft show goers. However, the opposite is true - craft shows have begun to draw more of the local and regional crowd. The reasoning for this is the downturn in American economy has actually forced travelers who would have otherwise vacationed out of town, to find local events such as fairs and festivals. Additionally, an injection of money into the US comes from artists turning to more local sources of material and supplies.

Aside from local traveling an trip planning, craft show revelers have rekindled the "sustainable" and locally fresh grown products. This may include organically produced foods that are blockbusters at this year's festivals. Locally crafted and constructed consumer goods are also a hit. From hand made clothing to jewelry, people are more and more turning to local origins for both durable and consumable goods.

Exposure in events has risen and thus, applications for becoming vendors are at an all time high. We can thank the multiple channels that have spurred in the technology superhighway - new media outlets such as as well as other crafting portals have woken to the effectiveness of internet advertising for thier events. On the vendor front, even more channels have been opened to crafters who want to take their business online, either through an arts and crafts sales portal such as Etsyl, or creating thier own website and setting up an independent payment system. Either way, the team at can help you get your business online.

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