Independent Artisans and Small Businesses Leading the New American Revolution

August 2009

Have you ever considered yourself a revolutionary?  America is undergoing a new Revolution and it is being driven by independent businesses like you. Most Americans are not aware of the huge impact small businesses have on our economy.   According to a report by the Small Business Administration small businesses represent 99.7% of all employer firms, they generate between 60 to 80% of the new jobs each year and are the fastest growing exporters. 

Artisans, crafters, exhibitors, concessionaires, and festival promoters are some of the most creative, hardworking independent businesses.  They are also a growing segment of the independent business revolution.  Even in this uncertain economy, more  Americans are starting businesses, creating personal part-time income opportunities and taking back control of their financial futures.  

There is a groundswell of understanding making its way into the public conscience that we can make our lives and communities better by getting back to the basics.  Made local and buy local are becoming common terms as Americans help their communities by keeping their money in the community. 

At we support the new American Revolution led by Independent Business and we want to support these businesses.  Throughout the site you will see many of these fearless independents we call featured businesses.  We hope you’ll find their stories inspiring and that you’ll also visit them, by sending an email with a big “howdy and hello.”   If you’re an independent business revolutionary, you can become a featured business to.  Members click here to sign up.

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