How to Setup Your Craft Show Booth

March 2009

Making Your Craft Show Booth Functional and Profitable

Having a great craft show booth is vital to your long-term success as a festival, flea market, or craft show vendor.  You need your craft show booth to product your goods and help you sell your products.  Creating the right booth involves a variety of aspects and you need to take these all into consideration when you are buying equipment and creating a craft show booth display. 

Getting the right equipment and knowing how to use it will make your craft show booth stand out from the crowd.  With a little imagination and these tips create the craft show booth that will be visually appealing and help you make a profit.

First Things First

The first thing you need to do is purchase the right equipment. Get the tent you want by knowing what the standard is for the festival you plan to vend at. Most tables that you can buy that are cheap, light, and easily transportable are generally not tall enough.

You can use them anyway, but adding some PVC piping to the legs can give them a foot or foot and a half that will make it easier and more visually appealing for customers to view your wares. You should always have a chair with you and factor in where you will be seated.

Sitting down in the back, but remaining visible can be a good way to be accessible to your customer’s questions without scaring off timid shoppers. Come prepared with all your signage and any supplies or tools you may need for the show.

Creating A Great Display

Your craft show booth needs to have its own feel and theme to set it apart from the rest. Use fonts on your signage that represent the feel of your product. Choose fabric and materials that complement your product. Give your tables more height with portable shelve or other decorative display items. Many craft shows will want you to cover the entire table to the floor with fabric.

You can buy pre-made covers to achieve this effect or create your own. White sheet material is a cheap and effective solution for creating your own table covers. You can purchase lots of great display items from retail fixture companies. Just remember that everything you use in your craft show booth including your display, your products, your equipment, and your supplies are all things that you’ll have to lug around.

Keep in mind the weight of certain objects like shelves and tables before you buy them. Keeping your craft show booth simple and light will help you to save your time and energy for making sales.

Practice Makes Perfect

After you have a tent and all your other equipment, then you should make a mock-layout of your craft show booth. You can set your tent up in your yard to get the full craft show booth feel or just market your floor with masking tape to set up inside your house.

You can use the tables you’ve bought and any other displays to work on your craft show booth. It is very important to practice your craft show booth set-up at home and to perfect it from the comfort of your home. As much as you set up and practice, you are you are still always free to change your set up and perfect it over time. Most vendors will tell you how much their craft show booth has evolved over time.

It takes a lot of practice and energy to discover what works best for you. Take notes from other craft show vendors and use your imagination and talent to create a visually appealing craft show booth.


Thank you, I am really thankful for this information, it helped me with my assignment for school.  Thank you

By mildred brown on March 12, 2017

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