How to Be Successful Selling Artwork on Etsy

March 2009 is a popular online shopping and site for handcrafts and artworks. If and have made their own niches in the online shopping and selling market, is starting out its own. Buyers and shoppers of handcrafts and artworks are raving about the development and operations of Etsy.

Esty, Ebay, and Amazon

Because items sold and listed in Amazon and eBay are so diverse and different, it helps if there will be a specific site where you can buy, sell, and market artwork. Being an artist or a collector, you need not fret anymore about the tediousness of finding buyers for your masterpieces. That is the hardest part about artists who aim to capitalize and earn from their talents and hobbies. Now, you need to just post and list your artwork at and prospective buyers will surely be able to check out your items and possibly bid for them or buy them.

However, as always, you need to make sure your Etsy listing will be very effective and strategic. Having an account at is already a marketing and selling strategy itself. Here are several recommended guidelines that will further ensure that your selling option and activity at will be carried out appropriately and effectively.

  • Have a very strategic, catchy, and attention-catching account name. When you register for an account at, you will be responsible for creating and comprising your own name. What's in a name? Prospective buyers can easily find you and will take initial and abrupt confidence and belief to what you are selling. Your account name should also suit the types of artwork you sell.
  • Find the best angle for your artwork and take beautiful pictures of it. Of course, you need to post photographs of your masterpiece for prospective buyers and shoppers to see. Experts assert that if your artwork is really effective and appealing to buyers, every angle will be good enough for a picture. However, it will still work if you can be more creative and affective in taking photographs. You can ask professional photographers to do the job just to make sure you will not spoil the overall appeal and potential of your artwork.
  • Create a PayPal account. Doing so is a necessity because sending and receiving payments are facilitated only through this payment system. Etsy accounts are free upon signing but you will charged 20 cents per item or artwork posting. The online shopping store will definitely require you to own an active PayPal account.
  • There is no need to advertise your artwork for them to be found and encountered by potential buyers and bidders. To enhance interest, ask for reviews from art experts and get your masterpieces exhibited and displayed publicly. Effective and convincing descriptions are key to making you artwork personal and inviting. At Etsy, you can post descriptions and asking prices. Use this opportunity to your advantage.

Happy Selling!

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