How Crafters Can Setup a Productive Home Office and Workstation

March 2009

As a crafter and you probably work out of your house already. . Most crafts allow you to watch television.Other crafts allow to to enter a world of trance and enlightenment while constructing your art. (Maybe with help of hallucinogens). Seriously though, most crafts require a moderate size work area area, especially if you're crafting for income. Most A studio or den will be the best (more on that).

The major benefit of a home based crafting business besides the obvious luxury of comfortable work space, is that startup and operating expenses will be significantly lower than renting out space. Most crafter I meet have a great balance of time away from the home office and time at home. Some main concerns come to mind: You need to ask yourself these questions when considering working crafting form home. Will you be designating an area of the room or an entire room ?

Can I setup a comfortable workstation with all my equipment? Can I mentally and physically separate myself from your "work" and "home"?

Are you able to receive privacy and give privacy while you're at the office?

Crafters of pottery, welding, tools intensive art work might require a garage or well ventilated and non carpeted part of the house to be used as workspace. A portion of the workroom itself can serve as your office, housing your computer, filing system, phone. A computer is a necessity. You will also need to storage space to hold your supplies and finished inventory. Another benefit of a home based business solution is the financial advantages

If the restrictions of home are too vast, renting space is practical and can increase productivity. There is a physical separation of home and work and most crafts people who conduct business from a commercial studio or warehouse will have an added advantage of . Rent, location and space are the key components you should consider when searching for an office for your crafts business. The ideal rented space should be within your monthly budget as well as having adequate room for your equipment, supplies, inventory of finished product, as well as an area for administrative purposes. Location is key as a rented office has the advantage of giving your business an official address where you can separate mailings, phone conversations, and meetings to your home and business.

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