How Crafters can Help Michigan’s Economy

March 2009

Michigan has been one of the worst hit states in the present economic crisis, with the Big Three Automakers in trouble things could get worse before they get better. As companies and jobs continue to leave the state, there is less revenue coming and that affects everyone, even the people who are still employed. As a response to this crisis, the state of Michigan is supporting a move to promote cottage industry and make arts and crafts a way to supplement state commerce. Crafting businesses help support the local economy in many important ways: first, those crafters who have their own businesses make money for their families; secondly, the crafters purchase materials locally which supports craft supply businesses and their employees; thirdly, people will travel in from other states to attend craft shows and that will add to the revenue of restaurants and hotels in Michigan, not to mention the sales tax which helps support the state government. Starting their own small business is a smart move for crafters in Michigan since it gives them control over their own financial circumstances. One of the best ways to overcome the threat of a bad economy is for individuals to take accountability for themselves, so they no longer have to rely on the auto industry or any other particular industry to sustain their lives. Staying on top of craft trends can help a crafter in Michigan to make money no matter what else is going on in the world—there is always something that people want or need that is in demand and if you can fill that need you will continue to make money. Crafters and cottage industries have always had a strong presence in Michigan, but they have the opportunity to make an even stronger impact in the future. Crafters who achieve great success may even be able to hire employees which will create the much needed jobs in the state in addition to the increased revenue their crafting businesses can attract to Michigan. There are numerous craft shows in Michigan each year and Michigan's crafters are also turning to online sales to supplement their income and to bring more out-of-state dollars into the state. The future is as bright as the people in this state choose to make it and it looks as though Michigan's crafters are choosing to make it bright.


October 5, November 2, December 7

  began in April 2012 as a means to support the entrepreneurial spirit of people with disabilities in our community.  People with disabilities are often not afforded equal employment opportunities and begin micro-enterprise businesses that sell hand crafted items including ceramics, paintings, jewelry, t-shirts and hats.

There are few affordable opportunities for these artisans to sell their creations to the community and those are generally provided by disability service provider agencies.  This limits the goal of having a micro-enterprise provide a valued identity in the community at large.  Fun First Fridays provides an inclusive community setting to showcase the abilities and self-determination of people with disabilities.

Fun First Fridays takes place the first Friday of every month at 27300 Wixom Road at the corner of Grand River Avenue.  The event is indoors at a large retail store that does not allow us to advertise their company name.

We are seeking partners who share our commitment to support people with disabilities who can and want to become productive members of society.

We would like any local companies that want to demonstrate their support of people with disabilities to be self-determined entrepreneurs by listing our logo on your commercials and promotional materials, encouraging your clients to visit our event.

There is no charge for any companies to be a promotional partner of FUN FIRST FRIDAYS.  We invite your company to be present and set up a display to promote your business and hand out coupons or brochures.  Other ideas are certainly welcome.

Fun First Fridays will take place October 5, November 2, December 7.  The event will be at indoors at 27300 Wixom Road at the southeast corner of Grand River Avenue.

Open to anyone in Michigan.

Please contact us to discuss this further. We need your support to make these events successful.  Please contact all local media including newspapers, television and radio stations and request them to mention these events in advance.

Susan Fitzmaurice
Managing Director
Fun First Friday
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
(248) 812-9751

Some of the agencies we have contacted and invited include:

1.Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority
2.Easter Seals
3. United Cerebral Palsy
4. Ourhouse Clubhouse
5. Community Network Services
6. Community Choices
7. JVS Detroit
8. JVS Southfield,
9. JVS West Bloomfield
10. MORC
11. New Center Community Mental Health Detroit
12. Northbrook Psychological Clinic Novi
13 Northland Clinic Southfield & Rochester Hills,
14. Northwest Counseling & Psychotherapy Center  
15. Novi Psychiatry and Psychology
16. Oakland County Central Diagnostic and Referral    
17. Oakland County Community Mental Health Pontiac
18. Wayne County Mental Health
19. Oakland Family Services Berkley, Walled Lake,
    Pontiac, Rochester
20. Oakland Psychological Clinic Livonia
21. Oakland Psychological Clinics Bloomfield Hills, 
    Southfield, Milford, Lake Orion
22. Operation Get Down Detroit
23. Perspectives Of Troy, Sterling Heightsw
24. Psychassets Birmingham
25. Psychological Institute Michigan Franklin
26. Psychotherapy & Counseling Services Northville
27. Quality Behavioral Health Detroit
28. Redford Counseling Center
29. Relationship Institute Royal Oak
30. Rochester Center Behavioral Medicine
31. Saint Joseph Mercy Behavioral Brighton
32. Judson Center Royal Oak
33. Samaritan Counseling Center Farmington Hills
34. Senica Farmington Hills
35. Teen Mental Health Services Detroit, Farmington Hills,
    Redford, Southgate
36.  Turning Point Recovery Center Pontiac
37. University Psychiatric Centers Detroit, Livonia
38. Walter Reuther Psychiatric Hospital Westland
39. Community Mental Health Waterford
40. Visions Clubhouse Pontiac
41. A Place Of our Own Clubhouse Detroit
42. Clubhouse Inspirations Lapeer
43. Crossroads Clubhouse Monroe
44. Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse Royal Oak
45. Gathering Place Redford
46. Inner City Clubhouse Detroit
47. Motor City Clubhouse Detroit
48. Network Clubhouse Detroit
49. New Directions Clubhouse Detroit
50. Next Step Clubhouse Inkster,
51. Phoenix Friendship House Highland Park
52. Turning Point Lincoln Park
53. Michigan Department Community Health Lansing

There are thousands of people in Michigan with physical or mental disabilities.  Many of these people are clients of one of the agencies listed.  Each agency has many employees.  Many of the clients and staff of these agencies will need services provided by sponsoring companies.

The staff, and families of the agencies are very loyal to the companies that support the disability community.  We are seeking corporate sponsors to help promote these events at no cost to your company.  Your company will gain extensive goodwill and publicity for supporting Michigan

By Susan on September 25, 2012

Michigan Arts * Crafts * Decor * Gifts * Hats * Jewelry & more!

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Laurel Park Place - Livonia
October 11, 2014 & March 7, 2015

Oakland Mall - Troy
October 25, 2014 & March 21, 2014

Artist, Crafters, Vendors sell your products at these events.

By Karen on June 30, 2014

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