How Can Crafters in Kansas Prepare for 2009?

March 2009

Crafters need to prepare for a busy and successful craft show season in Kansas this year. The unemployment rate in Kansas is among the lowest in the country, so people here have more money to spend at local craft shows. Crafters should take the time to prepare both mentally and physically in order to achieve success in this year's Kansas craft shows. The required mental preparation is go into it with a positive attitude and ready to provide the best customer service ever. Physically, they need to create crafts that are high-quality and will sell, and make sure that their displays are as eye-catching as possible to gain an edge over competitors. There are hundreds of fairs and festivals scheduled in Kansas this year and they will provide plenty of opportunity for crafters to sell their hand-made arts and crafts. Planning your schedule in advance—for as much of the year as possible—can help you save money and reduce stress while making your Kansas craft business a success. Planning your craft show well in advance will help you save money because you can buy supplies in bulk and cut down on the number of trips you make to the craft supply store. You need to be ready for anything this year and preparing ahead will help you face the challenges effectively. Other important physical preparations for a successful craft show season in Kansas this year include creating an eye-catching display and purchasing enough business supplies. Keep in mind that the purchases you make for these things are tax deductible and be sure to save your receipts. You will also want to prepare for the 2009 craft show season in Kansas by marketing your business. Be sure to order enough business cards that you can pass them out to everyone you meet. You might even want to help spread the news about any shows you will be doing by sending a press release to your local newspapers and even hanging flyers at local businesses—these should specifically mention that you will be attending this event, dates, times, etc. There is no doubt that being properly prepared for the busy craft show season in Kansas this year will make all the difference to your business. Remember to write things down as you think of them and to review your calendar and goals daily. Taking proper, careful preparation will save a lot of time later while ensuring a happy and successful craft show season in Kansas this year.

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