How to Grow Your Handmade Business?

May 2013

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Growth is such a positive word. We like to see our gardens grow, our children grow, our circles of friends and families grow, and if we are in the business of "handmade" or artisan goods - we definitely want to see that business grow too.

Naturally, if something is to grow effectively, it has to be nourished. Though you may view the artisan goods and crafts that you make as low tech, or even as "non-tech", you can only grow the business through technological tactics. These include:

Blogging - Yes, you may sell your goods entirely at arts and crafts fairs or shows, but you still want to develop a "following" or an audience. How better to let them see your works and to let them know just when and where they can buy them than by blogging all about it.

Social media - If you are into blogging, you have to have social media campaigns on sites like Facebook, Pinterest, and even Twitter. This will allow you to post images and links from your articles and blogs and grab a lot of attention. This attention will generate business (either from a website selling your goods or at the fairs and festivals that you sell your merchandise).

Website - Just like all other businesses, you must create a workable website. This is the foundation of your success because it really puts your handmade goods out into the world. Even if you don't want to "sell online" you can still "sell" your products by showing good images of them, talking about yourself and your mission, and letting people know which craft and arts fairs or festivals you will be appearing.

Once you begin using the world of the Internet to grow your business, you will start to find many ways of networking with other artisans, learning about smaller or larger events in which to sell your goods, and generally expanding your scope or scale of business.

These things may not be easy or fun if you are someone who wants to pour all of their energies into creating the goods to sell, but you must do them. The world of "handmade" goods and artisan crafts may seem genteel and nurturing, but it is still a very competitive industry. You can enhance your chance for long-term success by using the Internet to find an audience and to market directly to them. You don't have to open an actual online store, though this is useful, but you can use a good website to really grow and enhance your business.


Good morning I am looking for some help to launch my sauces do you think I could get some information. My name is Theresa I have created two sauces one is a Jamaican Jerk which could be spicy or mild, and the other is a mango sauce too I have done some restaurant business and sold the sauces in the store but due to my marriage I loss my business . I am now trying to branch out on my own a woman that will not be defeated. let me know where and what I can do to make this my reality.

By theresa raynor on May 9, 2013

I am making memory jewelry.. and I want to get this business going and I am not sure how to market my jewelry.. I need some some help..Can you help me?

By Robin on May 29, 2013

Hi, I make decorative all year round, all occasions wreaths.  I’m in the process of getting my website together. {website building is not my forte. :(  }.  I want to launch this business.  I’ve tried Etsy and Ebay, but no success yet.  I don’t know if it’s my designs or I’m pricing them too high.  How do I get answers?  I’m on Facebook Harmony-Wreaths.

By Marilyn Pirozzi on July 20, 2013

Great information, thanks

By Craftgirl on February 11, 2020

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