How Many Items Are Too Many in a Booth?

October 2012

Image courtesy Joe Mabel via Wikimedia CommonsImage courtesy Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons

If you’re new to art fairs and craft festivals, then it’s only understandable that you may have some questions at first. After all, it takes time and experience – as well as a bit of trial – and error to strike just the right balance.

One of the main concerns artists and craftsmen have in regards to their fair experience is how to set up their booths to be as appealing as possible. How much merchandise is too much?

Creating a Balanced Display

When setting up your booth it’s important to create a balanced-looking display. A booth that looks and feels empty certainly won’t entice anyone to stop and look at it. However, no one wants to pick through a jam-packed display that looks cluttered and disorganized either. Displays should contain enough merchandise to look full and abundant, giving the customer the selection and variety they’re looking for. However, they should never be so cluttered that each piece doesn’t have room to stand.

Making Sure You Bring Enough Merchandise

It’s of the utmost importance that you bring enough of your product to the show to make sure you are able to maintain full, attractive displays. You don’t want to risk selling out of everything, so experts suggest bringing about twice as much as you expect to sell. This way, you can restock and reorganize your displays as needed throughout the event. The fresher and more appealing your booth looks, the more customers will be attracted in your direction.

How Do You Know How Much Merchandise Is Enough?

If the event you’re attending isn’t brand new, then ask other participants and coordinators for information in regards to how many people typically attend. Other artists especially should be able to give you a feel for about how many of the attendees are usually serious buyers, as opposed to simply onlookers. What seems to be the typical price range of those who buy? What types of items are the most popular?

When in doubt, it’s hard to go wrong by bringing along plenty of your top sellers. Items that tend to go over well with your regulars will most likely be favorites with a new crowd as well. Seasonal items are also usually a good idea, so consider bringing extra stock of anything that speaks to the time of year. Remember, you can always bring what you don’t sell home but you can’t do anything about it if you run out of stock!


Thank you for the info.  I am new at being a Pampered
Chef Consultant and doing vendor events so I am like a sponge trying to soak up any and all suggestions.

By Janet Edminston-Moore on October 10, 2012

I learned the hard way to always bring enough merchandise to fill out the table or booth. Otherwise, you appear to be a novice and people pass over your table. A worse situation is having plenty of people want your items but not enough stock to offer them. Hoping they will call you later is not as good as having the sale at the moment.

By June Langley on October 27, 2012

Hi, I am very new in this bussiness, I would like some information how to become a member, and try to join this fair specially this 2012 holiday season.
Can somebody help with the information I will be very appreciated

thank you

By Nancy Leon on November 14, 2012

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