Hot Trends for 2009 Summer Festivals

July 2009
Handmade, Green and Basic will be Best Sellers this year.

Staycations are 'in' this summer.  Economists predict more families will vacation at home this year and spend thier entertainment dollars locally.  Affordable and family  oriented fairs and festivals are expected to see an increace in attendance from their regional populations.  Specifically fairs and festivals with minimal admission expense and free entertainment will do well.  The hot selling items are going to be handmade, unique and meaningful.  Items that promote the environment and can be used multiple ways will also tend to do better than pretty gagets. 

Consumers are getting back to basics.  Rugs, and bags made of recycled materials are popular along with yard and kitchen tools.  Pottery that is both beautiful and functional will do better than large glass pieces.   Though Fine Art generally sells best at juried shows, and through galleries or an artists' own marketing efforts, this will be especially true in 2009.  Most areas of the country will not have buyers willing to make large impulse purchases.  Fine artists meet the needs of this economy by selling prints, exploring licensing options and making smaller pieces. 

Comfort foods are in.  Festival goers will still be delighting in funnel cakes, corn dogs, popcorn and cotton candy, but they are also looking for bargains.  They are on budgets.  This year they'll be looking for quantity because they'll have to share.   One funnel cake for four people instead of one for each.  They'll also likely be bringing water and snacks from home to cut down on costs.  Concessionaires who provide food people can't get everyday and make consumers feel like they're getting a bargain can turn one of seasons' hot trend into  sizzling business this summer.


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