Featured Blog - “Invoices that Pay”

March 2009

Part 1 in Newsletter Series

When you're selling in bulk, billing to customers is often the most important, yet overlooked aspect of becoming a sucessful business artist. A seamless billing and invoicing system can be the difference between a professional or amatuer and is often the first impression you give as a business person. When you're at this stage, you need to establish and follow sound billing procedures. All craftsalespersons - all business people - want prompt and full payment. Three tips that may result in a painless transaction: confirming a customer's billing address or phone number, establishing voice contact, especially for internet contracts, and keeping in mind different companies have different pay schedules. Find out if your wholesaler employs such a schedule and plan your invoices accordingly. Online bookeeping software is a paperless and portable option. is a great online invoicing system that will create email and print invoices for you as well as periodic reports. They are clear and easy to understand and can save you a great deal of time, giving you more time to dedicate to creating your art.

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