Fall and Winter Craft Festival Prep

November 2022

If you are participating in Fall and Winter holiday craft festivals, consider the following attention-grabbing tips for sprucing up your booth:

Spark some holiday spirit. Whether the craft festival will be held indoors or outdoors, as the days get shorter, lighting this time of year should not be overlooked. If access to an electrical outlet is an issue, an array of battery-operated lighting choices are available. Battery powered mini-spotlights for table items or mid-size for larger ground/floor items are useful for bringing attention to popular products, and a string of traditional white or season-themed multi-colored lights around the frame of your booth can help draw the attention of potential customers. Don’t over do it; less is more. Ensure that you bring extra batteries if going the battery-powered light route.

Think gift-giving. Whether your collection of items are decorative seasoned-themed or not, consider that each will be purchased as potential gifts – Fall festivals are not too early to display Christmas-themed items, or you might even use the opportunity to hint of the upcoming gift-giving season. If your products are not holiday or season-themed, subtly display or pair your items with holiday packaging such as gift boxes, bags, and bows to put the idea of gift-giving into the minds of festival goers.

Once the visual set up of your booth has been completed think about the scents of the season. All the craze today is pumpkin and pumpkin spice; though not everyone is on board, it is one of many Fall aroma options to consider. Flameless candles (vanilla or cinnamon-apple scented), in-season fruit, home made baked cookies, hot chocolate, cinnamon sticks and fresh-cut evergreen wreaths are just a few items you can use to emit a hint of season scents to attract customers to your booth. Again, don’t over do it – while seasonal aromas will trigger the olfactory senses of some attendees and draw them to your booth, it may turn off others especially if the scents are overbearing. Again, less is more!

For those who’ll be adding seasoned-themed items to your usual collection, set up a table before the show so you will know how to arrange your collection for best visual impact. By the way, for best visibility, hang and stand your items rather than lying them down when possible. It will also help you determine any extra items you might need to bring along (tape, scissors, velcro, hooks, etc.).

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