Creating a Gift Basket Everyone Wants

October 2010

A holiday gift basket, can accomplish two things for the craft vendor: move product volume and increase exposure to your products. Ever had a time when you received a gift basket only to eat all the water crackers and left the onion cheese spread?

The solution is simple: give yourself an edge that no retailer has by customizing gift baskets to each customer. Ask them what they want! As a result, you can put just the right collection of gifts together that will appeal to the recipient.

Essential trinkets are needed when servicing your booth with a gift basket option. You'll need to have a variety of pouches, boxes, or containers to act as the gift basket itself. Ribbons, bows, tulle netting, shrink wrap, tissue paper and shredded paper will compliment the basket and these things are already lying around your work bench.

Tulle netting can be purchased very inexpensively at your favorite fabric store. It comes in a variety of colors and looks very elegant wrapped around a gift basket. Tulle netting is the material that is often used on bridal veils. Shrink wrap is a clear, thin wrapping paper. Heat from your blow dryer will shrink to fit the shape of the basket.

Remember to "centerpiece" the gift, which should be placed in a prominent place in the basket. Add a number of "dainties", or secondary gifts. Dainties would be smaller, usually less expensive, but complimentary to the main gift, and something the gift recipient will enjoy. Whichever item you'd like to showcase as an artist, the key to create a complete package where every craft included will satiate your customer completely.

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