Creating a Profitable Funnel Cake Business – Part Two

October 2009

If you intend to take advantage of the extremely lucrative funnel cake business, you’ll need to have some very specific equipment, as well as the right venue. This article will help you determine what equipment you need, as well as where you can sell your funnel cakes.




Making funnel cakes does not require a tremendous amount of equipment, but you will need some very specific items to get started. What will you need?


Fryers – You’ll obviously need a fryer, as funnel cakes are fried in hot oil. You will find a myriad of different styles and capacities available. The best option is to choose a fryer that can accommodate at least 2 funnel cakes at one time, though a larger capacity is better, if more expensive.


For instance, a fryer with dimensions measuring 22.5 inches W by 10 inches high and 17.5 inches long can feasibly accommodate at least three funnel cakes at once. A fryer of this size should retail for approximately $1,000, though you can sometimes find them on sale for a bit less.


Several considerations should be made with your fryers. For instance, should you purchase a gas or electric model? Gas fryers can be used anywhere, but they cost a bit more. Electric fryers are more economical, though you must have a dedicated power outlet nearby. Modest electric fryers require 120 volts, but a larger model will need 230 volts to maintain proper oil temperature.


In addition to the fryer, you’ll need a few other pieces of equipment. These are listed below:


Funnel Cake Rings – These are metal rings with tall handles and removable bottoms. Pouring funnel cake batter into a ring ensures that the cake comes out round every time. When the batter firms up, just open the bottom and the cake floats free in the oil. This will also help cut down on batter drippings on the burners. You might also find these listed as funnel cake molds, and they retail for approximately $35 for a 6-inch ring.


Tongs – There is no substitute for a quality set of tongs. A good pair of 16-inch tongs will cost approximately $8.


Whisk – A quality whisk will help ensure that your batter turns out perfectly; you’ll find they run only a few dollars apiece, though a high-quality one might set you back by $15 or so.


Oil – You must have oil in which to fry your funnel cakes. A 55-lb block of white shortening will incur a cost of approximately $27.


Mix – Batter mix should be chosen from a high-quality company. You’ll find that, on average, 25 pounds of mix will run about $43 or so. The number of cakes this will make varies with size, of course.


Plates – You’ll need something to serve those funnel cakes on, and paper plates will cost roughly $45 per 1,000 units.


Pitcher – Pouring funnel cakes properly will require a pitcher, with a funnel tip. These cost approximately $50 for a stainless steel model.


Batter Dispenser/Mixer – Of course, you’ll need somewhere to store your batter and from which to dispense it. A decently sized model will run about $51 or so.


How do you combat the bee and fly problem for an outside festival when you are working with powdered sugar?

By Denise Blauman on October 1, 2011

how much to sell for?
what kind of table do l use? metal plastic?

By herbert meade on April 11, 2014

Having a funnel cake business, should I go with LLC, S corp, Corporation, Inc, individual and why it would be best for a funnel cake business.

By Sharon on August 4, 2016


Thank you for this article. I

By Angel Velasquez on March 1, 2018

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