Craft show booths single or double?

October 2010
Choosing Between Double and Single Craft Fair Booths

When you first sign up for a craft fair, you'll probably see a spot on the form for booth size. You can probably opt for a single booth size or a double booth size. Which one should you choose? It might depend on your products, the volume of products you have ready for the sale, and the goals you have for a certain fair. Here are some considerations to make when you're deciding between these options.

Type of Products: Some products are just easier to display in larger booths. If you have larger products or products that require mannequins or other display props, you might need to go with a double booth. On the other hand, super small products might be dwarfed by a large booth size. If you specialize in handmade soaps, for instance, you can probably make a beautiful, organized display in a single booth. A double booth might spread your products out too much and make your display look too scarce.

Volume of Products: On this same note, you want to think about how many products you'll have ready for any given fair. If you've got a lot of different items ready to go, a double booth could be a good idea. This is especially true if you do different types of items, for instance, different hand sewn items. You can section off a double booth and make it look more organized.

On the other hand, if you don't have a ton of products ready for a last-minute show or if you plan to take custom orders rather than having a packed booth, a single booth could be better. Again, you don't want your booth to look underwhelmed with products!

Price: It's not a bad thing to consider price here, either. If you've been to a particular fair before, you might already know about what you can expect from it. If you have to pay twice as much for a double booth, think twice before opting for one. You may be able to use some creative ideas and arrangements to make a single booth work just as well, and the money you save can make a huge difference in your overall profits for the fair or festival.

While all these considerations are important, choosing between a double and a single booth at a fair or festival is really pretty much up to you. You may want to experiment with both types before deciding which you prefer working with more often.


Just wondering how much a single booth is. Thanks

By Sharon Rich on October 6, 2010

i would like some info about craft fairs

By elizabethbellante on October 12, 2010

How do we sign up to get a booth?  How much is a booth?

By wendy on October 16, 2010

Is it to late to pay for a craft booth?  If not, how much is a booth?  I just found it on the computer.  I did the show the year before last.  My husband makes wood and I make pillows.  Please let me know.  Thank you.

By Pam Maybee on October 24, 2010

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