Booth Decoration for the Holiday Season at Craft Shows & Fairs

November 2012
Booth Decoration for the Holiday Season – Good Idea or Bad?

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Everyone loves the holidays. However, for artists, craftsmen, and other creative vendors, it can be a difficult call whether or not to spice up the look of their booths for the season. On the one hand, spreading holiday cheer always makes for a wonderful time and an atmosphere of fun… but could it possibly hinder the shopping experience for the customer instead?

Great Idea or Bad Experience Waiting to Happen?

While it’s generally fine if you want to update the look of your booth to make it look pretty and seasonally appropriate for the holidays, it’s important not to overdo things. For instance, you should definitely forgo large items that can take up a lot of valuable counter space, such as decorative statues and other such things. People can wind up having a hard time determining what’s for sale and what’s not.

You might also want to consider saying “no” to options like large strands of decorative twinkle lights or moving objects. This sort of thing can not only look tacky – especially close up, as it would be in a booth situation -- but confuse your customers and distract them from looking at your work. Definitely don’t have holiday music playing or incorporate anything noisy or smelly into your décor.

Instead opt for understated, tasteful ways to make your booth feel festive. Try colored table cloths or awnings in festive colors. You can dress in seasonal colors as well! Any special lights should be very small and understated. Avoid anything that twinkles or moves. This way, your booth feels inviting and festive without being tacky and off-putting to not only your customers, but your neighbors as well.

Consider Introducing a Seasonal Line

Many artists and craft makers find it a good idea to give their product line-up a seasonally appropriate temporary update. This is a wonderful way to add a little holiday cheer, as well as boost sales. If you’re planning to attend an event or show around the holidays, consider giving one of your most popular best sellers a seasonal upgrade. Candle makers can introduce scents like pumpkin spice and pine. Artists can paint one or two winter or holiday scenes to have on display. Crafters can come up with holiday ornaments.

You can rest assured that there will be at least a handful of people at the show who will be specifically hoping to see such items, so it’s good to have something to offer them.


If you have to TELL a crafter not to look tacky…. good chance they don’t even know what looking tacky means. Seriously, would anyone actually try to look tacky???

By Misty on November 15, 2012

I would like to see pictures of booth set ups with various displays and also ideas or suggestions fo how to attach shelving to tables, or racks, stands etc.  how to make your booth inviting rather than just laying out you items on a flat table top.

By patharris on February 12, 2014

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