Best Free Technology for Fair and Festival Vendors

October 2009

Best Free Technology for Fair and Festival Vendors

Everyone needs some technology nowadays, just to make it through the everyday situations you face. However, fair and festival vendors face some unique challenges, not the least of which is a need to reduce spending in order to maximize profitability. Thankfully, there are some excellent options in the form of free technology out there to help you make ends meet. What options do you have?


Social Networking

Why limit yourself to telling friends and family by mouth about that upcoming fair or festival you’ll be attending? There is no reason whatsoever that you should have to make do with only that, when you can use social networking websites to ramp up interest in your doings.


For instance, Facebook gives you the ability to connect with thousands of people throughout the nation and the world. With their unique status updates, you can easily tell everyone what’s going on. You can even share your fair or festival itinerary with anyone on your friends list and more. MySpace works in much the same way. Twitter is a unique, up and coming option, especially when you learn how to use their hashmark system to keep all your tweets organized and easily accessed by your followers.


Free Budgeting Tools

Every fair or festival vendor needs a good budget, but it can be very easy to blow that budget with the costs associated with just setting up a booth or stall, business licensing and other fees. However, when you have the right budgeting software, you’ll be able to understand your financial expenditures (and the resulting financial situation), at a glance.

Just one excellent option out there is (they’re marketed as a personal budgeting program, but an entrepreneur can make use of it, as well). AlauxSoft Accounts and Budget is a free tool, as is Budget, from Brothersoft. Award-winning Quicken is also available in a free version for download on the Internet.

You will find a wide range of other free tools. For instance, with a bit of research, you’ll find companies willing to provide you with free business cards, free flyer printing and more. These are powerful solutions for your needs and can definitely help ensure that you make as much profit as possible, by reducing your expenditures.

There is no reason that you cannot make use of free technology that will benefit your business and your family.

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