Applying for Your First Juried Craft Show in Utah

March 2009

Making money by selling your original craft creations is a great achievement and provides a great feeling. You will make even more money as you gain experience and begin doing juried shows. What is a juried craft show? It is a craft show in Utah that has some sort of application requirements in order to participate. Your crafts will be judged and you will have to be selected in order to be able to sell your crafts at this type of craft shows in Utah. There is more work involved and, of course, a greater reward for your efforts. Before applying for your first juried craft show in Utah, it is a good idea to try your hand at some non-juried shows first. This will give you necessary experience in creating attractive displays (take pictures for your portfolio) and finding out what crafts people really like and which ones they don't. Friends, family and even passersby may tell you they are "cute", but the real truth is told with cold, hard cash. If your crafts aren't selling you either need to reconsider the pricing or try something new. You should also attend several juried shows as a customer to get a feel for what you will be dealing with. Once you have gained experience and built up a nice portfolio for your work you are ready to apply to your first juried craft show in Utah. Be prepared to fill out a lengthy application, pay an application fee and send in your portfolio. Once the judging committee receives your application you will be judged on the quality of your crafts and your presentation as well as how unique your idea is to the show. Don't be discouraged if you don't get accepted the first time. Take the time to regroup and try again. There are quite a few procedures to jump through and the fees are generally higher than non-juried shows, but the profit potential is also about ten times higher with a juried show; so it is well worth your trouble once you are selected.


I make jewelry and am featured at a local art gallery.  I have participated in the asparagus festival’s art fair held locally.  I have started a website that is still under construction.
I am interested in coming out to Utah and participating in some art fairs this summer.  Please advise me on how to proceed from here.

By Joyce Thompson on March 8, 2010

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