Advice for New Crafters &  Artists

February 2016

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Selling at arts and crafts shows can be pretty overwhelming to new artists that are looking to showcase and sell their products. Arts and crafts shows can range from tiny to huge, and from diverse to very targeted. Here’s what you need to consider before committing to a show as a new artist.

The first thing to take into consideration is what product – or craft – you are looking to sell and whether the event you’re thinking about getting a booth at can be a good fit for your product, or vice versa. For example, if you sell handmade wooded wall art, your products may do very well at an arts and crafts show but not at a festival targeted to kids.

Since getting a booth entails an investment, you want to make sure you apply for the right events to match your brand and your products. Otherwise, you could be throwing money down the drain. Go online, and do a bit of research on the arts and crafts shows you’re considering. What are people saying? Are they loving them? Are they finding items and buying? Or are they left wanting more?

Also, always be sure to let event coordinators know you’re new to arts and crafts shows and that you could use any feedback they may have for you. These people are often very friendly and super helpful. Helping you helps them with the success of the event overall, so they have a vested interest in you doing well. Ask for advice, and do not hesitate to ask questions if you need to.

It’s always a good idea to start planning your booth ahead of time. Set up a model booth at home or at your business place, and try a few layout variations. Stay consistent with your brand, and make sure your booth does not overshadow your products. Apply for your booth, and secure it with your payment before other people get the best spots. These tips will help you get started on the right foot.

Finally, one of the most overlooked perks about arts and crafts shows is that they will help you build a brand and a fan base. When a person falls in love with your art, he or she will surely tell others about it. 

This is why word of mouth is still the best advertising method, despite advances in technology. When you find the right arts and crafts show for you, be sure to always encourage the people who approach your booth to give you their contact email and to like you on Facebook and your other social media pages. Building a list of followers is a much more valuable asset than a big sale. Take advantage of this great opportunity!


thank you!

By Lisa Emley on February 11, 2016

HI!  I have always wanted to sell my items at an arts & crafts show/fair, but for some reason something holds me back.  Maybe being new to all of this.  I crochet a lot of character beanies such as the ninja turtles, minnie mouse, minnions, pooh, tigger. . . I could go on.  What would be your suggestions?  I would love to try one in Ruidoso.  Something like what you all are announcing for Labor Day weekend.

Thank you for your help.


By DEBI on February 14, 2016

Thank you so much for the helpful article!


By Noel Georgiades on February 21, 2016

Thanks Lisa, this will help me a lot on my first show.                    Will

By Will James on March 29, 2016

My sister and I are looking to get into some show we did some last year and really enjoyed ourselves we would to get into the marion one if there is and space left for vendor could you please let me know either by email or phone my # is 3192020261 Than you.

By Deb Allen on May 13, 2016

I entered a Craft show last weekend and it was a bust. I as well as the
other vendors didn’t make any sales. I felt it had to do with poor planning on the Events leaders with graduation weekend and Father’s Day on Sunday. Do you have to become a member to attend these events? If so is there a fee for a spot? I have found many events listed but they all say members only. Why is that?

By Cathie-Ann Barnes on June 22, 2016

would like to receive information for you arts and crafts
including rules and contract
  thanking you in advance

By vernon bakke on June 22, 2016

How does someone become a vendor at up coming events? I am very interested.  Can someone reach out to me via email mail or by phone at 401-649-3796. Thank you very much.

By Lina Abdul-Hasib on July 6, 2016

I would like to become a vendor for a craft show. How much is a table? What are the requisites to become a vendor?
Please email me at your convenience. Thank you

By monica bencomo on July 18, 2016

Thank you ! I am ceramic artist recently graduated from college. I have a business in Artegon Marketplace in Florida and am ready to be a vendor at the festivals too. Very valuable information.

Rochelle Garcia
Cute & Clay

By Rochelle Garcia on July 26, 2016

Would like find dates for craft shows in November in Hondo Uvalde and Devine Tx
If any can help I do appreciate it


By Diane on August 4, 2016

I am a potential vendor for selling Tupperware at some events. I am looking to not sell it so much as to make contacts for parties. Any advice for someone who is not doing cash and carry? Thanks in advance!


By tupperlady813 on August 25, 2016

I am looking to set up a booth at a craft show, to sell my paintings.  I am new to this so I am not sure how to go about it.  I am looking in the CT area.  Tolland, County area.

By Janet Robarge on September 16, 2016

I will like to know,  I sell jewelry that I design and make,  is your fair a good fit for my goods

thank you


By Pia Cevallos on September 24, 2016

I have done shows for over 20 years and later opened up a gift store. I loved that time of my life. Now with Etsy and other social media outlets it is hard to find a good show. I never considered any of my shows a bust. I always felt I found something great about each one even if I or others didn’t sell anything. I met my wood guy at one show and a lifetime friend at another. I networked and found the show that I ended up doing for twenty years called Sugar Plum in Orange County California. Though I am an event coordinator for a hotel now… I learned a lot doing shows. One thing is… I never did a first time show. I’d go to it as a shopper but waited to see how well the promoter advertised & the quality of the other vendors etc..  That was the biggest thing I learned. The second was location, location, location. Having said that, I am helping a client have her first Boutique in a few weeks. She is such a little go getter that I am looking forward to seeing how it does. I sure do hope that it is the sign of the times and people are going to see Holiday Boutiques pop up again! If anyone needs any advice, I am willing to offer what I can!

By Diane Reed on October 27, 2016

I’m am new to crafting showings but I would love it if some would take me under their wings as a baby bird and guide me. I have beautifully decorated crosses that are adornished with antique, silver, some gold, play Jewerly and things you see in everyday day from A to Z.  They are one of a kind no two are alike.  I have just closed by resale shop after 14 yrs but I have always been into crafts.  Iam looking for a place to sell my crosses but it seems i am to late to sign up for next years platform.  Please advise.

By Diane on November 2, 2016

Good advice.  Thanks for posting.

By Jim Solomon on November 18, 2016

How can I discover if the Hawkeye downs fair is full. Haven’t joined yet nancy

By Nancy jenkins on December 2, 2016

I make jewerly and I want to start selling at craft shows? I have trouble finding them and getting signed up. Can you advise me on this

By Lori on December 7, 2016

Hi I’m henna (tattoo) artist hi can you advise me how I start my bishness?

By Ranjan on January 4, 2017

Diane Reed, I would be interested in talking with you, more from an event coordinator point than as a crafter, though I have crafted and been an artist forever, I have only occasionally ran a booth.  I sold more at concerts than anywhere else.  I digress. I am organizing an unique concept for my area and would very much appreciate input from a booth owner’s perspective.  Or if anyone else with experience would like to chime in that would be great.

By Amalie Stoneman on January 27, 2017

Hello my name is david I would like to participate in your fatival my family confetti ponchos handbag pockets and catches dreams all my products are echo by hand thanks I wait your answer

By David on February 10, 2017

I would like to start selling handbags, purses and jewellery at craft shows, how do i start and what need from new vendor.


By Agnes on February 22, 2017

Hello, I live in Bristol, Tennessee and am willing to travel a 150 mile radius of home. I make homemade scented soaps, all from shea butter, quilts…focusing on baby quilts, bibs, bags and things like microwave potato bags. I am a new fair and festival crafter and I need help!!! From advice on pricing to how to do a market research. Would anyone consider helping me? I am a widow and money is an object. Please?!?! Thanks!!

By Denise Thacker on March 18, 2017

I’m interested in becoming a crafts show vendor but I would appreciate advice on accepting payments. I know nothing about the emerging technologies that allow you to accept credit card payments with your mobile phone, for example. Can anyone refer me to a good source of info on these new means? I accept PayPal on my Etsy site. Karen G-S

By Karen Geller-Shinn on April 13, 2017

i m new and could use a few tips

By Anissa on April 15, 2017

We would like to be involved in your show on May 20,2017 We do woodart from keychains to large outdoor furniture. If you could please contact us for more information.

By Diane Goff on April 17, 2017

Hello would like to participate in an art show.Can you tell me how can i join an event to try to sell some art? And what will be the cost? I live in Elizabeth N.J,

By maribel caraballo on June 3, 2017

Would like to know if there are other artists, crafters who would like to join in in a Yart sale, (yard Art), here in Prescott, AZ? Have looked at many shows at our local “downtown Square” finding out that the vendor fees are just to high for starting out. My friend is an accomplished qourd artist; woodburning, and I primarily do dried florals, pinecone wreaths and home d

By Sue Clabby, Prescott AZ on July 12, 2017

I would like to become a vendor for a craft show. How much is a table? What are the requisites to become a vendor?
Please email me at your convenience. Thank you

By Barbara Calomeris on July 20, 2017

I make custom made outfits and jewelry for 18” dolls, my models are American Girl and Our Generation dolls but will fit most 18” dolls. I would like to become a vendor at your craft shows and would appreciate all the information I will need. Please email or call me at 203-219-9404 at your convenience.Thanking you in advance.

Barbara Brown

By Barbara Brown on July 21, 2017

I would love to participate in this I have several different things I make. From refurbished furniture to wire croqueted necklaces and much more.
Please help ive never done this before.

By Donna Cossette with. CREATIVELY LOUNIQUE on July 29, 2017

I would like to find out when and where any craft fairs or bazaars are scheduled to begin coming up… And if there are any costs to vendors and how much. I’m interested in being a vendor.  Thank you.

By Darlene Wilson on August 31, 2017

I have recently started making repurposed items such as bird baths and feeders, angels, and just general decor from crystal, glass and China pieces. I have given a few pieces away as gifts to family and friends. As people have see them, I’ve had a few people ask to purchase these, so I have sold about five so far. I have now been invited to set up a booth at a master gardeners event to sell my crafts….I’m excited but want to make sure I don’t need to get any permits, licenses or the like. And what about charging tax? I live in Indiana, the event is in another county from where I reside. Any advice for a newbie like me who doesn’t want to do anything wrong?

By Melodie on September 9, 2017

Hi I am looking for a small vending site ...I have been making and selling my creations for a couple of years ..looking for a place locally…Warwick RI 02889 can reach me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  ty

By Dbeech on October 12, 2017

Very helpful article!  So glad I found your website!  Looking forward to becoming a member!

Wine Chimes and Gifts
Shop / WineChimesGifts
FACEBOOK:  Wine Chimes

By Kris on October 19, 2017

I’m entering my first craft show and selling baked goods. It’s expected over 2000 ppl to show, I’m hoping to make the right amount of baked goods. I’m planning on making 5 different types of goods, planning on having done for taste, selling individuals and in packages. Just how much do I make? Anyone selling baked goods have any advice for a neophyte baker?!

Ren B.

By RenBarcey5 on October 21, 2017

I have a limited number of 3 level rolling carts with a 15 foot power cords.
They have a 440 pound load limit, 4 inch diameter lockable wheels.
A small vendor could use for quick , mobile setup.
Contact for pictures, details.

Look for our booth at the next show.

By Dynamic Mobile Tables & Carts on October 25, 2017

Hi! I would like to recieve information in my email if it’s posible, I came from Uruguay and I would like to sell my art work. Thank yoy very much amd good luck to all of you.

By jackeline on November 29, 2017

I would like to start selling my handmade jewelry at these events but don’t where to start at finding one near me or even registering for one. I live about 55 miles north of Dallas. If anyone can help me with any information I would appreciate it.

By Geneva Mason on January 22, 2018

I am requesting any information on the requirements for selling my products at local craft fairs.  I am a certified master herbalist and holistic health advisor and create, bottle and label my own organic health and beauty products.

Thank you in advance for any info you can provide…
KB Brooks

By KB Brooks on February 7, 2018

Hello,  I have be, however,  a crafter for the past 10 years, however, I have been ding crafts for over 30 years.  I live in Austin, Texas and new to the area.  I would like to learn more about the craft fairs in the Austin area that are successful.  Meaning, a show that has a lot of traffic and great advertising.  Please respond.

By Shirley Jordan on June 25, 2018

I am trying to find the best fit for a photographic studio. We have a mobile studio that we can take anywhere and is a medium toy hauler. We offer photo booth fun event photography, family photography, & baby photography. What kind of festivals do you think would best fit our needs? Please respond and thank you in advance

By Sally Connell on July 18, 2018

Recently new to ..taking my show on the road. , have 4-5 shows. Please advise way to contact ..join… to get info on upcoming local shows.  Work with vinyl and glassware along with glass blocks and assorted whimsical christmas items. PLease advise.  Thank you !

By Carol Grimshaw on August 18, 2018

Hi. My husband and I have a new business called Nature’s Elegance. We make jewelry from beach glass and stones. We are looking for a first show to do in anywhere in Connecticut. Can anyone suggest a good place to start? The fall and winter months would be perfect! Many thanks.

By Andrea Thoman on August 21, 2018

I am a crafter, I crochet rag rugs. Also patchwork tied blankets. I would love to join with someone in the same area. I have worked many booths, however I would prefer if someone else would show and sale my items? If you are interested in having a larger selection of items please let me know. Thanks

By Patricia Christensen on August 21, 2018

My wife Yuko and I are both artist and craftmakers. Since becoming parents, we decided to consider the possibility to partecipate to art and craft fairs as vendors.
Where can we find instructions about how to apply, etc.
Thanks in advance,
Angelo and Yuko

By Angelo Mariano on August 31, 2018

Hi I am interested in finding a place where I Could sell my craft items.They are Christmas items such as home made tree skirts.pine cone trees anything christmas.Could you please advise me as to where I Could start.I am in the murrells inlet s.c. area

By Carla cokinos on September 30, 2018

im new at this and i have beautiful wreaths i would like to sell at a craft show what do i do for a booth and how much plz help thank you i live in bradford ma

By ana solivan on October 1, 2018

Im interested in learning how to get in craft shows.Can you help how to get started?

By Sherri Roe on October 21, 2018

I am new to crafting but have quite a selection of homemade candles that I would like to sell at an arts and crafts show. I also have a partner who hand makes knitted items such as scarves, hats, gloves, socks, sweaters and blankets. How much is it to enter a show and how do I go about getting more information about it?

By Lauren Pavlish on November 5, 2018

Hello, I have my first show December 8/2018 and I am having a hard time deciding what to price my items. I do homemade wood Plagues, sign, she’ll art, Christmas ornaments everything is from scratch and some things are my designs and take time. If I charge for the time it would be too expensive for anyone to buy. For instance, I designed a sign that I inlay a hand-carved rifle in the wood and it took me three days to make what would I charge? All of my work is one-of-a-kind nothing the same. please help.

By on November 16, 2018

My TIPS for Booth Selling….
The more unique, the more sales.
Place plenty of signs at booth stating in BIG bold letters telling customers..
YOU MADE   “ALL ITEMS HANDMADE HERE IN COLORADO”  {insert your state} otherwise you will loose sales because it is first assumed imported.
Don’t expect customers to ask…so make lots of small signs and place all around booth.
Write a summary of yourself as an artist with a portrait and select pieces you’ve made and frame it right next to your chair as a conversation starter. Being a PROUD artist goes a lot further than a crafter selling goods.
Market your BRAND (art medium combined with your unique twist) on social media, but also handouts they can take home and review online and find out where else you may sell. Print basic b&w business cards on your home printer cheap using precut biz cards from staples.
Wear a funny hat or vest, name tag, bright makeup, and say Hi to everyone with a smile to make a first impression in order to get a SALE.
Be patient and have fun! :)

By Bernadette Millovisc on November 23, 2018

Hi and Happy New Year!  I am new to all of this and I am very interested in becoming a vendor at 1 to 3 events this year (2019)preferably wanting to “get my feet wet” at an event(s) in the cities of Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Englewood, Littleton, Westminster.  I’m not sure where to go from here. I would appreciate any guidance you could offer me.  In advance I thank you!
Jeri MacAllister

By Jeri MacAllister on January 10, 2019

New at this. I have photographed wildlife and wild places across the US for quite a few years and have finally decided to share my favorites to others. I find it pretty cool to think of my photos in others’ homes ! I am open to any hints and advice when it comes to setting up for shows and all that goes with it.  Thanks for any feedback.  My work is Stay Wild and you can find me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)  I am looking to do the Wickford Art Festival, Gaspee Days, and other similar events…..

By Dave Hornoff on January 15, 2019

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