5 Booth Design Tips for Winter and Fall Craft Festivals

September 2010

If you’re getting ready for some fall and winter craft festivals, you might want to rethink your booth design. Summer festivals have different design elements than those in the fall and winter, especially if you’re moving from outdoor festivals to indoor booths. Here are just five tips you might want to use when working on your booth this fall and winter.

1. Think about lighting. This is important if you’re going to be inside, but it’s also important if your festival will run into the darker evenings of fall and winter. You may want to start using electricity in your booth, even if you haven’t used it before now. Highlight your favorite products with spotlights, or give your entire booth a lovely glow by wrapping white Christmas tree lights around all of the edges of the booth.

2. Highlight your best seasonal products first. No matter what types of products you sell at craft festivals, chances are likely that you have a few seasonal products. Fall wreaths, Christmas scented candles, and themed clothing might be products you want to highlight during this time of the year. As soon as you start on fall festivals, start highlighting your Christmas items, especially, since people will start their holiday shopping early at festivals and fairs.

3. Add scent for a new dimension to your booth. For many people, scents are more strongly reminiscent of certain seasons than sights or sounds. As you’re designing your booth, think about how you can add comforting, warm autumn and winter scents to your booth. Don’t overwhelm people, but use lightly scented candles – safely placed, of course – or even just bowls of cinnamon potpourri to draw people further into your booth.

4. Keep the constraints of an indoor booth in mind. If you’ve never been to an indoor craft festival before, you’re in for a treat. Before you can build your booth design, though, you definitely need to check out the requirements and constraints of the festival you’re working with. Talk with other sellers about booth sizes so that you can get a visual of what your booth is going to be like for the festival.

5. Don’t change too much! If you’re working in an area where you’ve already done summer festivals, make your booth design enough like it was in the summer that former customers will recognize your work. There’s nothing quite like being recognized and revisited by those who have already enjoyed your products.


As someone who gets headaches from perfumes, I can tell you nothing makes me run a way form a booth faster then a scented candle. I never buy products from scented booths.

By Victoira on September 23, 2010

As a person who sells silk flowers the light scent helps with the realistic “feel” of the things I sell.

By Debbie Latham Magee on September 23, 2010

I am allergic to perfumes too,I get hives…would not recommend a scented booth! Love all the other ideas tho!

By Jen on September 25, 2010

As an alternative to scented candles might I suggest Fresh Fruit.  The aromas of fresh fruit are very tantalizing.  Seasonal fruit is best.  With fall comiing, pumpkin, Apples, and pomegranates just to name a few.

By Liz Strickland on September 25, 2010

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