2010 Fairs, Festivals & Craft Shows Going Green

November 2009


2010 will bring more eco-friendly changes to the festival scene.  Event organizers, vendors and festival goers are trying new methods to reduce their carbon foot print. 


Though, European festival promoters have been leading the way, US festivals are learning from them and focusing on travel, water and re-use. 


One of the better European examples of this eco movement is the T-in-the-Park event held annually in Scotland. . T-in-the- Park held prides itself on being carbon neutral.  Staffers use bicycles to get around the fairgrounds.  Over 60% of the waste is recycled.  Visitors are encouraged to play green as well. A deposit is charged for every drink sold.  When the cup is returned for recycling, the deposit is returned.  Free water is offered to avoid the bottled water trap and public transportation is the easiest way to travel to the event.


The  Bonnaroo Festival [url=][/url] in Manchester Tennessee is getting greener every year.  For 2010 they are planning a permanent solar array to provide 22 kilowatts of electricity.  All vendors are required to use biodegradable cups, plates, and utensil made from renewable sources.  They’ve also put together a program with the Clean Air Conservancy to offset emissions.  Clif Cool tags that can be used for wind energy credits are encouraged for purchase by all travelers to keep the festival carbon neutral.

Buy Handmade and Buy Local are the calls to action from many of the most popular craft events.  Prince George's Trash to Treasure: A Green Craft Fair takes this a step farther. At this event local artists create and sell only items that have be made by reused, recycled, responsibly harvested or natural and sustainable products.

Festival and Craft Fair goers are supporting all these efforts by using recycled, reusable bags, taking public transportation, donating to causes and actively participating in good earth programs.


To learn more about how you can participate in festivals and craft fairs while also helping the planet, go to [url=][/url].


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