2009’s Hottest Craft Trends in Delaware

March 2009

Understanding the importance of timing and trends is vital to your success at the craft shows in Delaware this year. There are a few basic trends that you must follow if you want to make more money than ever this year. Planning your crafts ahead of time to include these hot trends will help you overcome the difficulties in the economy and to make a profit at this year's craft shows in Delaware whether the economic downturn persists or not. This year's top trend is for "green" crafts. People have become much more environmentally conscious and they appreciate crafts made from recycled materials or renewable resources. Think soup cans, yogurt containers, hemp and cotton. Avoid too many plastic components and go for a more "organic" look wherever possible. Your crafts should appear "natural" as much as possible. The bright side to using recycled things around the house is that the house and its surroundings will become clean and that will also help bring your costs down. Another important trend is towards "feel good" products. With the poor state of the economy, people are looking for a pick-me-up when they come to craft shows in Delaware. Hand-made chocolates, bath salts and creams will go over well. So will jewelry, clothing and hair accessories. Household decorations and other items that make people smile will also be big hits. More "practical" items that are designed to help people save money, like coupon organizers and so forth, is another area to consider. The last trend to be aware of is pricing. You may want to try offering different items at various price points to see what is working for you this year. Make sure you are making a good profit on each item while offering a good value for your shoppers. Keep in mind that many customers' budgets are tighter than they have been in the past. If you plan your 2009 offerings for craft shows in Delaware with these hot trends in mind, you will make incredible profits this year. Don't forget to provide great customer service, because that is going to be the key to building your business so that your customers will come back for more and recommend you to their friends.

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