2009 Outlook and Preparing Yourself and Your Arts & Crafts Business for Uncertain Times Ahead

March 2009

Many pundits and self proclaimed economists predict a less than optimistic outlook for year 2009. What's the best advice for the craft show industry at this time? How can those that own their own arts and crafts business adapt to the changing economic environment? There are no easy answers, but those who own their own business have much greater control over how the economy may impact their business. Here's some good news:

Attendance figures are up at the free shows This is mainly due to the fact that many show goers are looking for entertainment closer to home, which means more potential sales. Going to fairs and festivals in and around their city and staying local for fun things to do with the family is a growing trend that's here to stay.

Be sure to prepare your supplies when traveling from one fair to another and if they are back to back you’ll need to replenish your stock before hitting up the next festival. It’s not worth it to sign up for a festival if you won’t be able to make it in time. Remember that such scheduling logistics are very important and will save you time and money when coming up with your festival and fair calendar.

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