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Business:Trail’s End Collection
Contact:Beverly Mausbach
Lakewood, CA 90712
United States
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Trail’s End Collection

A few years ago, our creative life took an unexpected turn. While on a road trip with my sweetheart-and-love-of-my-life, Bill, we wandered into a tobacco shop in Old Town San Diego. On a bottom shelf were several empty cigar boxes for sale. I was immediately attracted to the boxes’ beauty and also, their potential. I can do something with these, I thought, and right there, even though I didn’t know it yet, Trail’s End Collection was born. We bought several of the boxes, and I embellished them with old buttons and coins from my collection. You should sell these, I was told, and we started selling online. I expanded to embellishing picture frames with old jewelry and beads, and hit upon the idea of creating mini-size jeweled Christmas tree collages like the ones I remember growing up, but on a smaller scale. As my shop grows, so does my commitment to using secondhand and used items in my creations, to save them from the landfill and to give people a chance to appreciate the beauty of these things.


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