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Business:Sol Def Band
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Memphis, TN
United States
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Entertainment, Musician

Sol Def Band

Get the party started with the Sol Def Band !!! We will work with you to give you what you want to make your event a fun and memorable event. Sol Def can provide entertainment for every part of your special day. . We are always in tune to the mood of the crowd and know just how to excite the guests into a fun and, thumping party !!! The musical foundation of our unique sound is constructed by Carl Robinson on keyboards, guitar, horns, strings and vocals. Mr. Robinson, while in Atlanta GA, was the musical director for the Temptations and Temptations Revue. Dale Wardlow, on drums and vocals was the founding member of the road band for Robin Lee ( Black Velvet # 1 hit). After the addition of Miki Gaynor as lead vocalist, the band began to make major strides and improvement in overall sound and appeal. We can bring sound , DJ music and dazzling light show. ADD SOME DIVERSITY to your line up and experience a crowd pleaser suitable for 5 year olds and grown-ups too !!! We can open for you or be your headliners. References available upon request. Sol Def will work with your planner to achieve a unique party experience you and your guests are looking for. This exciting band has worked countless venues throughout the United State and has an impeccable reputation as dedicated professionals. We are all about the fun, the dance, the party and YOUR EVENT !! Visit our website at:


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