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Business:Shay Pens and Fine woodworking, LLC.
Contact:Paul Shay
Kittanning, PA
United States
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Crafts, Othe

Shay Pens and Fine woodworking, LLC.

We make handcrafted pens, pencils, bottle stoppers, and pen flashlights from exotic woods, North American wood, and acrylic. Excellent craftsmanship goes into each of our products and comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We create custom one-of-a-kind made-to-order products that are always unique in some way. We hand turn our products and never use a duplicator to make an exact copy. We have many different styles of handmade pens, pencils, and bottle stoppers to choose from and each one has many different body material options and several different finishes providing our customers with hundreds of options for the perfect gift. We also offer gift vouchers that are used like cash in our stores. Need an elegant gift for any special occasion? Visit our store at today and let us handcraft the perfect gift for you.


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