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Business: Scentsy Independent Consultant
Contact: Eva-Maria Rothemund-Kalila
Address: 93 Bradstreet Ave
Revere, MA 02151
Phone: 7812153030
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Scentsy Independent Consultant

Enhance your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances! The Scentsy system is a new revolutionary way to personalize your home with your favorite aromatic odors. Create your own unique scents by mixing our fragrances - unleash your imagination! YOU control the intensity and the variety. We all love burning candles, but there are so many risks associated with them. The open flame can start fires or burn people or pets and the soot that goes into the air pollutes our lungs and discolors our walls. Scentsy solves these issues! With beautiful, wickless warmers, Scentsy eliminates the risk of open flames and simply warms the wax to release the aroma. Nothing goes into the air but a great smelling scent! Scentsy is also much more cost effective than candles. The warmer is a one time buy. Each scent bar, which lasts as long (if not longer)! than a 12 oz. candle only costs $5. In addition, your Scentsy warmer will carry the scent so much farther than the 12 oz. candle can! Try Scentsy today! Scentsy: Wickless is better! • No open flame and all of the dangers that an open flame brings • No wax build-up • No soot build-up on your walls, carpets, furniture, or in your lungs • Once Scentsy wax is melted and warming, it will never get hot enough to burn you. The wax only heats up to right above body temperature, which means it is only warm to the touch. • Incredible scent throw - much better than any candle!


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