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Business: ROXSTAR
Contact: Deborah
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Phone: 714-325-STAR
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Fine Art, Beading, Crafts, Jewelry, Jewelry, Semi Precious Gems, Silver


Roxstar Philosophy - A Roxstar rises to stardom through fashion freedom. Living every moment in the spotlight. Breathing it all in on stage. Roxstar adornments transcend fashion, transforming it into timeless works of art that will endure countless lifetimes. Let your inner Roxstar shine through... Get your Rox on!!! Roxstar Inspiration & Materials - All natural stones and minerals, preferably funky, chunky and raw. Things of nature continue to inspire me. As the Earth's resources are being depleted, it is important to recycle whatever we can. By reusing the coral of the ocean and lava from volcanoes to create such beautiful adornment, we in turn share with others our love of nature and help restore awareness about our planets most precious treasures, gems. I prefer the term Rox! Always 100% Sterling Silver (.925) Always FREE shipping or delivery!


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