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Business: Popi & Mimi's Sweet Fried Pecans
Contact: John Miles
Alma,, GA 31510
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Popi & Mimi's Sweet Fried Pecans

Alma, Georgia, is a pretty special place to those who visit there. It’s an even more special place to those who live there. Alma is famous for three major things: the Georgia Blueberry Festival, sweet Southern hospitality, and Popi and Mimi’s Sweet Southern Pecans. Alma is also the place where Popi and Mimi met, where they spent their married years, where they raised their family, and where Mimi first perfected her special recipe for Sweet Southern Pecans. In the early days of their storybook marriage, Popi had to spend a lot of time on the road, just to make ends meet for the budding, new family. But every time he left home for another business excursion, Mimi gave him a bag of her delicious, homemade, Sweet Southern Fried Pecans. Popi would keep these little bags with him, and whenever he got a little homesick, he’d pull out a few Pecans. These little handfuls of home-cooked goodness were not only a delicious reminder of Mimi’s good cooking, they were tiny little reflections of home. Every little handful made Popi smile, and made traveling away from home slightly more bearable. You see, every Sweet Southern Pecan from Popi and Mimi’s is made with only the most necessary ingredients. And anyone who’s ever tried some of Mimi’s Pecans knows that one of those special ingredients is “Love.” So get yourself a satchel full of Popi and Mimi’s Sweet Southern Fried Pecans, and share the memories with someone you love.


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