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Business:Origami Owl ~ Living Lockets
Contact:Lori Sargent
Address:61 Kimberly Road
Colonia, NJ 07067
United States
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Origami Owl ~ Living Lockets

Origami Owl Living Lockets are custom designed by YOU with Charms that tell your story and represent the things you love most in life. Origami Owl Jewelry is more than a necklace... it's something that touches people's hearts. I fell in love with this product for just that reason. My name is Lori Sargent, Independent Designer with Origami Owl. I am a business woman with a passion for inspiring people to believe in themselves & to build their own business. I love all things girly! Pink, heels, glitter, heck anytwhere there is an owl has Lori written all over it. I love to shop, go to the gym most of the time, spend time drinking coffee, and doing animal rescue. When I found Origami and saw those sparkling lockets. I knew I had to find out more. Origami Owl tells a story and allows people to show their journey through a beautiful piece of jewelry. I love sharing that with people and helping people design their story or one for that special person. My interests include pitbull rescue, social media, and being a sales person. Create a Living Locket, Host a Jewelry Bar Experience or Join Origami Owl and become an Independent Designer TODAY.... you decide what works best for you! I love sharing the dream with people and traveling their journey with them. Now there is my story, what I love, how I love to inspire people to believe that they can do anything. Let's begin this next part with YOUR story, What is it? Whether you wish you purchase Origami, have a girls night or start your own adventure, I truly want to hear all about it and help you create a work of art with your Origami Owl Living Locket.


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