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Business:My Pure Pleasure
Contact:Danielle McClung
Address:RR1 Box 93-1
RedHouse, WV 25168
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My Pure Pleasure

SPECIALIZING IN BACHELORETTE PARTIES,"GIRLS NIGHT IN", AND COUPLES ROMANCE PARTIES. Hosting a My Pure Pleasure by Rekindled Sparks party is free, fun and educational. Rekindled Sparks will bring everything you need for a night of fun and enjoyment. As a Hostess, you'll receive free shopping credits for hosting a qualified party. We lead the industry in offering our hostesses up to 20% of the retail party total in free shopping credits. That means by booking a My Pure Pleasure party, you'll earn twice the amount of free products over our competitors. We're happy to customize your party with a theme, a special time, date or location. We have expanded the traditional romance party plan product line to include perfume, accessories, lingerie, body art, toys with a buzz and more. It will now be a complete boutique shopping experience. My Pure Pleasure by Rekindled Sparks offers a complete shopping experience with over 1200+ products to choose from. Customers love to pamper themselves with our quality spa products, massage items and wide variety of pheromone perfumes. Our luxurious lingerie line are in-style, in-demand and affordable. Our ROMANCE PARTIES are TONS of fun!  Having some friends over in for an educational and enlightening evening of sex education and shopping is a great idea for any event.  And, yes, they are FREE!   Our Romance Parties are tasteful and exciting with techniques and tips to bring home to your partner (or yourself!). The products are explained and talked about, then passed around the room so you and your guests can see the products first hand before making a purchase. Men, women, and couples love our lotions, potions, lubricants, and adult novelties. Book a party today or Sign up to be a consultant! It's like Tupperware®, but not your momma's plastic. With a Buzzzzz, if you will! We offer traditional pleasure party items -- bath, body, edibles, enhancers, fantasy, lubricants and toys. Perfect for a girls night out, moms night out, bachelorette parties, holiday parties, divorce celebrations and more. We offer the most generous Hostess Rewards in the industry!


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