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Business: Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.
Contact: Diane Lifrak
Address: 23 Winding Way
Randolph, NJ 07869
United States of America
Phone: (973) 714-4616
Fax: (973) 366-6046
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
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Services, Insurance

Metro Public Adjustment, Inc.

We are ADVOCATES and EDUCATORS for home owners, businesses, property owners, and renters. We are licensed by the state and can explain the complicated coverages of your policy. Most people are unaware they are NOT covered properly by their insurance. We don't sell anything, but help the public make changes before a devastating loss happens. Unfortunately, we end up helping those who already had a devastating loss and cannot recover the losses, for improper coverage - but we can educate you on what you need. We want to find YOU before there is a loss so we can educate and advocate you on what you should have in your policy. Our appointments only take 30 - 40 minutes and everyone receives a complementary home inspection. The home inspection is ONLY for the consumer and NOTHING is ever reported to anyone. It is a helpful tool for our clients. Did you know anytime you call your insurance company that is a claim on your profile??? three of those they have the right to cancel you. Why not have us come in and explain what and who we are and see how we can skip the process of calling your insurance company entirely and YES, there is NO OBLIGATION AT ANY TIME.


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